Why German cars, Japanese cars are selling so well, Why did not the BritIsh cars?

confused the Automobile market, always need some simple and crude but effective and classification, to help consumers quickly remember a brand Car prices. For example, in accordance with the Cars divIsion, there are five well-known Cars, French, German, US Department of Japanese and Korean series, features and advantages of each Cars are very dIstinctive highlight, in short, in addition to French Cars unsatIsfactory, other buy a few lines are very good. In fact, in addition to these five Cars, there Is a BritIsh Cars. It also features a dIstinctive, Is “selling well.”

When it comes to the BritIsh Car, a lot of people may not have any impression, but If Tibin Li, Jaguar, Aston Martin and so familiar with the brand, all originated in England in the famous Car brands. BritIsh repairer to have a natural talent, whether it Is on the field of luxury, or performance of the competition arena, the leader in the field of total BritIsh Car brand presence. But in addition to these outstanding brands, there Is a common denominator Is “not sold”, all drawn the short straw, the brand changed hands several twIsts and turns.

From the first point Is easy to see, the BritIsh Car brands not good at marketing, they are very good at “repairer”, but “selling Cars” Is not a good. Whether Jaguar Land Rover, or Bentley, Rolls Royce, also, or Lotus (Lu Site), these Cars on the brand heritage, but also the quality or reputation, no way inferior to BMW Audi, but on the sales volume sweeps clean. And from these brand development process point of view, most of all because Car prices Is not profitable. There are the industry’s most advanced technology, luxury or sports for the most unique understanding, but that Is because marketers did not do a good job, companies do not profit by selling only easy to master fate. Hard for others to do the wedding dress for many years.

Why do Car companies can not profit? The main BritIsh Car brand most of them with luxury Cars based, such as Bentley, Rolls Royce and some ultra-luxury brand. Although the performance of these brands or extremely extravagant, but a small target audience, sales of large amount of natural as walkingPublic or BBA. Second, the price Is high, extreme performance and sophIsticated luxury behind all the money pile up, production capacity, coupled with a small number of people are able to afford, sales certainly not.

But even if sales are not good, it does not affect the strength of the brand product dazzling and excellent reputation, Is also in support of these, just let a lot of good brands from the UK not buried, dIsappeared in the Automobile market.