Why German auto unpopular in the United States, these little secret, you know?

Why German Auto unpopular in the United States, please click on

now on the US market Is the mainstream of Korean Cars, Japanese Cars second, and the rest Is Ford. I saw these Ford, Dodge, Is like thIs Car Corolla. Cheap prices, so selling well. Why German Auto unpopular in the United States do?

The United States has its own Car brand and culture. The American people consumer attitudes and awareness also has its own relatively clear intent. German Car vehicle with respect to the United States Is no different. German Cars, especially Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche high manufacturing cost of these brands, some of the high-end models with increasing service life, maintenance, maintenance costs Will be greatly enhanced. In fact, not only German Car in the United States popularity Is not high, the French Car brand in the US Is almost extinct.

Americans to buy a Car down I observed very rational. In the United States sparsely populated, no Car Is dIsabled, can not go out. Car in their view Is a means of transport. The prices are also more expensive, so it Is not attractive. German Car in the United States Is part of the luxury Car, even if the public Is. Open on the road to say: I am rich! So, the German Car in the United States Is not how popular. Therefore, Japanese and Korean Cars in the United States dominated the main two reasons, one Is targeted product design, and public or local design, local market products can not meet export market demand.