Why “four modernizations car Conference” Swan Lake Will also once?

on the eve of National Day, the “Automotive Business Review,” organized by the MinIstry of Commerce and Investment Promotion Agency of Shangrao municipal government jointly organized by the Automobile industry and investment promotion committee Jiangxi love Chi billion peacekeeping Industrial Co., Ltd. and co-Hanteng Car to cooperation partners “four modernizations Car 2019 Conference” held in the city of Shangrao in Jiangxi Province.

about the Car, “four modernizations”, the industry has been basically formed a consensus, meaning electric, intelligence, electricity supplier based (or “net-linked”), sharing. ThIs generally represents a major trend of the future development of the Car. “Automotive Business Review,” initiated the conference, can be said that the development of the Automotive industry a predictable judgments.

because thIs Car Is four modernizations of the General Assembly held in Shangrao Swan Lake Is located, can not help but think of the hIstoric Swan Lake Will be two – Song Chun Xi two years (1175) in early June Zhu Xi and Lu Jiuling Swan Lake Will be the first time, in 1188 winter Xin, Chen Liang Swan Lake Will be the second time. Swan Lake Will agitate on the thoughts and ideas, but also to become synonymous with the idea of ​​academic exchanges. And the Car the four modernizations of the General Assembly, due to the development of the Automotive industry at all levels has in-depth dIscussion, “Automotive Business Review” editor Jia can be likened to “Swan Lake Will be the third time”, it can be described as appropriate.

In addition, since the current Car before the four modernizations Conference, the MinIstry of Industry and Information Technology, MinIstry of Finance, MinIstry of Commerce, General AdminIstration of Customs, AQSIQ jointly Issued “passenger Car corporate average fuel consumption of new energy vehicles and integral parallel management approach “(double integral management approach). Obviously, thIs Will have a profound impact on the US Auto industry, and thus naturally become one of the topics dIscussed in the meeting.

Will double integral management approach since April 1, 2019 in force, although the industry that it was “policy makers concessions in the interests of the game after a multi-party”, however, it “four modernizations Car “in particular” impact electrification “but quite dIstinct. Prior to thIs, incentives makes the United States of new energy vehicles in 2010 – between 2016, the annual sales of less than 10,000 exceeded 50 million units, made the “world first.” At the same time, “cheat up” scandal advantage of the loophole policies have repeatedly occurred. The “double integral policy of” One important point Is to fight against bad Car prices, the development of U.S. Automotive market has become more regularized.

It Is also just as New York Jiaotong University Automotive EngineeringYancheng Liang, vice president of research at the “four modernizations Conference,” said, “double integral policy” launched “sooner rather than later, should not strict width” because the “mind” and the original version of view, thIs policy for the role in promoting the development of its own brand of American Automobile Is immediate and obvious. It Is precIsely because many people think that, since then, the “four modernizations” road US Auto industry, especially the “electrification” Will enter a new stage of development.

and the “four modernizations Car” as the future direction of the company, Will obviously move faster to occupy a more favorable “vent” position. For example, one of the co-organizers of thIs “four modernizations General Assembly”, Jiangxi love Chi billion peacekeeping Industrial Co., Ltd., although only formally establIshed earlier thIs year, Car prices, but to position itself as a “smart Car industry in the evolution of those” they hope to eventually presented to the consumer Is a travel solution Is a service, rather than simply a Car.

It Is worth mentioning that the love Chi Fu Qiang billion peacekeeping co-founder and president, up to about 30 years of work hIstory in most of the energy Is spent in the traditional Car companies, and co-founder and CEO, CFO trough to peak come from SAIC, other members of the executive team almost entirely from “traditional Car prices” Is such a presence, from product to marketing, the idea of ​​absolute “Internet” and thIs also makes it We have more expectations.

As we all know, the Car Is a four modernizations irreversible trend, of course, various Car companies recognize thIs, but in thIs wave of development, who can win the final success, who can achieve beyond, it Is a test of martial arts. As thIs Car four modernizations Assembly Speaker, data workshops, chief technology officer Zhang Wenjie said the current US vehicle manufacturers “homogenization” Is not only a “trend”, and has a “reality.” Differences in the level of Car prices has been greatly reduced. So when getting off corporate success factors, in particular the success factors of the product level Is mainly due to: the development of product catalog system based on feature usage scenarios in the product definition, the use of shared platforms and components resources socialization of digitizing development, in shape and Technology Watch more competitive on the part of the difference in force, the use of joint industrial plants 4.0 of batch production and services.

That Is to say, whether traditional or new Car prices repairer forces, in order to be truly successful, spare parts financingIntegrated deployment of sources Is a key point. And thIs Is perhaps the “Automotive Business Review” launched to promote the healthy development of heavyweight prize of US Auto parts industry – “Ling Xuan Award” motivation and sense of lies. For the “four modernizations Car” Is concerned, thIs award Is not only to promote healthy combination of Auto parts industry and Automotive OEMs, but also for independent parts enterprIses to “go” and the excellent international Auto parts enterprIses “came”, Will be provide a high-quality platform, which for the development of the US Auto industry Will undoubtedly have a great role in promoting.

no matter from which point of view, thIs time the Car the four modernizations of the General Assembly, are regarded as the US Auto industry’s “Swan Lake Will be” hell!