Why Few people can escape after the car Zhuihe? Police: simple escape techniques do not know

In fact, driving Is a certain degree of rIsk, so a lot of novice drivers are very Careful on the road just in time, and sometimes ran into some bad roads, bad technique Will be very prone to danger thIs Is often the case, and now vehicles on the road increases, the rIsk of it Will inevitably occur, for Car owners, collIsion airbags Will protect you, but Car owners fear or Zhuihe, many Zhuihe the owners are hard to escape out Why few people could escape after the Car Zhuihe? Police: simple escape techniques do not know!

In fact, when the Car Zhuihe of that moment, the owners are brain blank, do not know how to operate, in fact, thIs can best be mIssed self-help time, so the traffic police said that no matter what kind of emergency situations encountered, first of all Is to stay calm, because the Car Zhuihe, whether you can swim, the focus should be able to come out from the Car, so the possibility Is rescued relatively large, so calm Is very important, I do not think Zhuihe would be finIshed, to know your every decIsion Is related to their personal safety, so the owner Is very important to remain calm.

Moreover, because the Car’s first front Zhuihe mostly water, so the Car Is not immediately sank into the water, so the owners before the Car do all submerged, unfasten their seat belts, like parking space has not been submerged climbed out, and in the absence of flooding, the door Is still open have a chance, because then the water pressure was not as great, as long as you from the Car came out, they can basically rescued. If found to have all flooded, and thIs time the door Is not open, then you need to find a safety hammer Za Boli.

suggest that it Is the owner of the Car safety hammer must be prepared, just in case, Za Boli Is best to hit the four corners of the window, so relatively easy to break open the Car the main thing to remember, it Is sure to turn on the lights in an instant into the water, so that the people on shore can see your exact location, so that the rescue Will be relatively short period of time, relative to the number on the more secure a little, but still I want a small series suggest that the owners, the end of the road Cars, civilized driving, safety first Is the most important!