Why electric cars are rubbIsh? I understand about

2019 May 11, the Prime MinIster vIsited the Toyota plant in Japan, accompanied by Japanese Prime MinIster Shinzo Abe and colleagues as well as with Toyota president Akio Toyoda.


Prime MinIster to vIsit Is located in Tomakomai, Hokkaido Toyota plant, which belongs primarily responsible for Toyota’s CVT (CVT) production plant, to supply Toyota factories around the world gearbox.

and more in the

factory Is the world’s high-tech products, but the Prime MinIster stop and wait in front of a Toyota Car, Carefully.

During the New York Auto Show, Geely chairman Li Shufu anger hate the new forces repairer

Indeed, there Is indeed enterprIse play the “new energy” under the guIse of actually cheat up. But in recent years, the development of U.S. in the field of new energy vehicles has far exceeded past, past those called “junk” electric Car, can now be considered open up.

“scraper” Is what Toyota Car?

attract the Prime MinIster stopped Toyota’s first hydrogen energy models –Mirai. “Mirai” meaning in Japanese Is “future.” ThIs Is a practical hydrogen fuel vehicles operated by Toyota, the hydrogenation time Is about 3 to 5 minutes, priced at about 350,000 yuan.

Mirai technique based on the principle Toyota hybrid vehicle technology, originally Hybrid Vehicle transmIssion CVT Is changed to a hydrogen tank, by a motor converting hydrogen into electrical energy, thereby forming the driving force. It Is also the only one in the world to achieve commercialization of fuel cell vehicles.

In terms of hybrid vehicles, Toyota’s sales have exceeded 10000,000, a figure sufficient to show maturity on behalf of the development direction of advanced Automotive technology. In Europe, Toyota now sells well, including Lexus included, are basically hybrid Car. Especially in Japan, has been popular. Since 2011, the earthquake in Japan, “hybrid concept” has achieved consensus in Japanese society from top to bottom, sales increased rapidly.

At home we learned of new energy vehicles, whether it Is an extended-range, plug-in hybrid type, or that are certainly inseparable from pure electric “charge” the act . “Charging long, life Is short,” these two flawed, even pure electric Car benchmarking, technology known for “Tesla” failed to completely overcome out

and hydrogen energy Car absolutely no concerns in thIs regard, not only faster than the fuel supplement, and longer battery life, the most important thing Is far above the dynamic performance of electric vehicles.

As early as July 2015, Toyota Mirai had to accept reservations in the United States. As of January thIs year, Mirai has been in California sold more than 3000. For Automotive use a strange energy, the sales volume has reached a record high of hydrogen Cars.

ThIs means that on the road in the United States, if you are lucky enough to find 10 hydrogen vehicles, of which eight Toyota Mirai. Unfortunately, thIs Is currently the only Car in the United States, the sale of California, the reason Is simple, because only here in the United States … has a hydrogen refueling station, hydrogen fuel Car Is still in the primary stage of trial operation.

hydrogen fuel cells, what Is?

compared to need frequent recharging electric Cars, hydrogen Cars in the end Is how it works?

Is more complex picture, in short Is the removal of hydrogen from the hydrogen storage tank, mixing it together with oxygen into a fuel cell stack developed by Toyota a chemical reaction to generate electricity to drive the motor drives the Car running, but with only dIscharge waste water, no wonder some people jumped out “hydrogen Cars” Is the real pollution-free energy.

What Is the impact on U.S.’s new energy vehicles?

Interestingly in the Prime MinIster’s vIsit a few days later, U.S.’s electric Car subsidies to usher income threshold tight.

policy introduced a large wave of Car prices was kicked out of the lIst of purchase tax cuts, even the well-known “BYD” have not escaped. According to statIstics, a total of 126 companies in 1882 was kicked out of new energy vehicles “purchase tax-free directory.”

Several happy, some unhappy, perhaps to experience the advantages of hydrogen Cars, hydrogen fuel cell Car market came the good News. New York introduced the first “New York promote the use of fuel cell vehicles financial assIstance program.”

The program Is worth noting that: “fuel cell vehicle 1 according to the central budget: 0.5 to give the city government subsidies the fuel cell system rated power of not less than 50% of the rated power of the driving motor, or not less than 60kW, and the central government in accordance with a grant: 1 to give the city government subsidies . “

these phenomena could there be born in the United States reveal that the determination of hydrogen energy development? The Prime MinIster vIsits the most important detail Is that fuel cell vehicles Toyota plant, which Is the ultimate Toyota to get rid of dependence on oil products, get rid of dependence on oil for the importance of a country’s self-evident.

“hydrogen energy” Since so good, Why not develop our own country? I think the main problem still lies in the core technology in the application of “hydrogen Cars”, the Japanese occupied the absolute leading position in the world. ThIs time to adjust to the new energy subsidy policy of containment Is not so much, it Is better seen as inclined to make up their own short-board hydrogen energy in order to be more accurate.