Why domestic long life than foreign cars? Experts say the transmIssion of the dIsease, friends: too cut to the heart

Why foreign Cars than domestic long life? Experts say the transmIssion of the dIsease, friends: too cut to the heart! Now people are really buying a Car more and more, although for many families to buy a Car now Is really not a difficult thing, but every Car owners, they still want their Car can open time these long, so it Is not a waste, but do not know if you ever noticed that life abroad Car to be longer, but Why our country can not do it? Experts say the transmIssion of the dIsease.

for domestic Car owners, so they are durable parts for brakes shock absorbers, tires, etc. as well as some neglect, they are in the Car maintenance time, Is basically a change in engine oil, transmIssion oil, and spark plug thIs easily consumable, for some durable parts, they really are very easy to overlook, like tires, brakes, and shock absorbers, I believe there are a lot of owners they are these three parts Is not know, but they Will not have too much attention, they sometimes Will wait until the brake pads Will be to replace all polIshed, the oil shock of words they Will already know something has gone wrong, but in fact these three parts of the Cars Is really very large impact, if you drive a Car, you already feel comfortable as before, it Is likely that these three parts out of order, in addition to these, in fact, a Car and a small part of aging, but also a great impact on the quality of the Car.

But for foreigners, for their maintenance in the Car, they are all basically on their own to get because they have mastered the foreigners very rich knowledge of the Car, so that their ability Is very strong, they later after fierce drive, they’ll know what your vehicle Is a problem, so they Will put parts on the Car for repair, for foreigners, they are very clear what parts need to be replaced, then they Will be promptly replaced, the owners of thIs country and we know a lot of people do not Care, until the Car Is a problem, they Will go to the garage.

followed by that vehicle quality problems, and for those who often buy a Car, they shouldAll know, Germany and Japan and the US Is actually three very famous Car big country, so thIs Is a big country produced three Car a sense of quality Is really very strong, although they have some models have been exported to our country, but good material they are sure to be left at home, so to say it Is certainly not as good as the quality of their local, which means that we need to continue to work hard the own brand.

The last one Is the emIssion regulations, in fact, our country Is still very great importance to environmental protection, then the strict emIssion regulations that Is better than many countries emIssion regulations must be strict, so there Is a case that if the owners they opened a relatively long time old Car, although her maintenance Is very good, but if you open to more than a decade, it Is unrealIstic.