Why domestic car engine cabin Is very clean, and the joint venture vehicle has become a mess?

Why domestic Car engine cabin Is very clean, and the joint venture vehicle has become a mess?

Many men believe that technology when buying a Car, or like to open the engine compartment to look at, although we can not see in it and a lot of things, but if the above Is very clean and tidy, I believe that our first impression Will be very good. ThIs may also eliminate some unnecessary trouble such as thIs Car Is not very old and from there could see little signs out, of course, for many people may not understand anything, but know how to develop the engine compartment can be considered a skill bar , when at least in case of problems, but also open themselves to look bumbling.

Now the competition Is very fierce Automotive industry, in the engine compartment we seem to be able to feel as if the domestic brand Car engine compartment than the joint venture vehicle Is even clean many, but also added a lot of cover, looked feel very comfortable. Joint venture brands, relatively speaking, a lot of chaos, thIs place really Is just an exception or an ordinary exIstence it?

We have seen more of the engine compartment and found that really Is not the case. In the engine compartment domestic brands really has thIs advantage. In the Internet we can see that the installation of the hood Will affect the heat, which seems to have so little sense, but it certainly has the installation of seems like the dust and the like Will certainly less Will fall to go inside , and into the engine compartment, as some inevitably leaves and dead leaves, the domestic Car engine compartment can easily put them dIsposed of.

of course, but also as a bad place, foreign Cars because of excessive pursuit of seating space, so the wiring Is also able to compact compact, but also because thIs the reason Will line looks a little messy, but the space Is comparatively larger. Also it Is a good we often encounter some parts also need to replace them in a very prominent position to help us replace. Plus the engine cover of the engine compartment in thIs area would take more time. Some also let owners did not dare to do it yourself.

here think the country has a certain brand of air conditioning filter, changingThey also need to be very exert oneself, but also half lying on the co-pilot to slowly change it out. As for the fat man Is obviously it Is impossible task, even 4S technician also said that such a design Is not good. Of course, maybe thIs Is just one example, but we think if we can design a more reasonable number, so that we can do to be more comfortable, but also a sign of humanity it.

Although many people are arguing that thIs Is a joint venture vehicle Is designed to be more convenient and the like, but in fact we could see so much so much reason, as it Is their immutable habits due. For now the rapid development of Automotive technology point of view, seems to have been not so much the pursuit of compact Cars, also allow the Car to have more space and the engine compartment, so thIs way, Is not the future Will be with the times, these layout makes it more simple and beautiful?

Here, can not help but think of Volvo’s Car, its engine compartment and some of the traces are tied with cable ties very neatly, can not help but for the year Nordic brand that rigorous feeling great admiration, but now has become after Geely brand, I believe the future can be seen in the overall alignment in such a Geely Car, it Is very good.