Why do some people say that winter driving cars more cost oil?

Car summer and winter oil fee Is not “someone says,” but the fact that there’s a problem, higher fuel consumption in winter than in summer air conditioning of the actual fuel consumption, mainly because situ hot Car than bad habits.

winter Car costs actually say oil Is not strict, accurate to say that it should be higher Automobile fuel consumption at low temperatures, some spring-like area and Will not happen, then the temperature could affect vehicle fuel consumption it?

answer Automotive temperature result in increased fuel consumption

ambient temperature and the engine coolant temperature Is the same, the engine steady-state operation of the core engine oil First, Second, coolant, coolant to the size of two cycles after starting the engine cooling start somewhere ensure heat does not appear too concentrated.

needs to be to achieve a reasonable engine operating temperatures to achieve optimal thermal efficiency, even small circulation of coolant of the engine heat Is also taken after a cold start; then want to quickly raIse the temperature of the engine needs to start immediately after normal driving the vehicle at high speed in order to increase the frequency of burning work fast warm-up, but most owners have a bad habit – situ hot Car.

In situ hot after a cold start the vehicle while ECU can also increase the engine speed, the rotational speed of about 1200 rpm or lower than normal travel much, the engine speed Will be raIsed slow, thermal efficiency Will not improve in a long time, which Is one of the reasons leading to increased fuel consumption.

bIs engine water temperature Is low in order to ensure low thermal efficiency ECU power Will not attenuate the enrichment fuel injection, the fuel injection amount of the engine in normal operation to feed real-time adjustment of the proportion of gas, but in the low temperature phase according to a set value of the direct fuel injection, and fuel injection amount Is more than the intake air amount.

ThIs design ensures the Car also has plenty of power at low temperature, but it also resulted in increased fuel consumption; actual fuel consumption in enrichment injection stage Is the normal water temperature 1 times fuel consumption, high thermal efficiency Is not comprehensive and in-situ hot Car led to slow warming, increased fuel consumption Is inevitable; it Is a hot placeVehicle impact, as well as the need to do?

winter Car so fuel consumption Is soaring not “someone says,” but an objective fact, want to go start saving, the real Is that simple; of course the environment low temperature hot Cars need to enhance the Car feel Is not wrong, there Is the value of the Car Is to enhance the quality of travel should not Cart before the horse, but in the Car stage Will generate heat coke, deep in the hot Car stepped kicks throttle using high pressure exhaust clean up Carbon deposits Is necessary.

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Automotive engine temperature Is too high, the cooling system Will Automatically increase the heat to the cooling water circulation, the temperature Is too low yield of the reduction of circulating cooling water, to maintain normal temperature.

Winter engines require heat, and a hot day the engine needs cooling, heat easily holding hard, temperature Is not enough, the engine Will increase the fuel injection amount, changing the ignition to maintain the required temperature, the thermal efficiency of the cold weather gasoline not as hot days, hot days and cold weather to open the open cold air conditioning air conditioning heat, burning oil and certainly different.

the Car just started we all know have to wait pointer fall down before you go, on a hot day the Car starts just a few tens of seconds, the pointer Will move on, but a good Car on a cold day also takes about 1-2 minutes to hear the sound of the engine changes, the pointer fall down, old Car light and heat a few minutes the Car well.