Why do some domestic cars bottleneck long time attack? The reason here!

Turning to the development of domestic Cars in recent years, we are always filled with emotion, through Dongfeng, U.S.-made Cars SUV in recent years has made rapid progress: Hover H6 SUV for several months to occupy the sales chart top, Yi Ruize 5 strong selling momentum, Lifan sold in Russia but these fast …… still can not conceal the fact that the prosperity of the domestic Car key technologies still have to be controlled by others.

opened a lot of domestic Cars under the hood, you’ll find the hood of the MitsubIshi logo, photo cheetah CS10 engine

Many people know that U.S.-made Cars lack of engine core technology intellectual property, in fact, not only Is the engine, the transmIssion system to a large domestic Cars, small skylight, tires are seldom mastered the core technology. Some people may Naqi Rui examples of independent engine to refute, yes, Chery has ACTECO series engine, but do not forget ACTECO series engine was designed by Austrian AVL, swearing a little, just to others along the way Chery .

Shenyang Aerospace MitsubIshi used by the Austrian company AVL engine tester

ThIs Is like the teacher asked a student holding a good outline column to write articles, the students Will write a little foundation certainly be able to write thIs article, but the students over the age of people know, writing articles Is difficult to outline, the outline are lIsted out how to write the article? Put into the engine of development, we are mIssing Is the overall design concept, of course, we have some problems in the process of key parts of the cylinder, pIstons, engine throttle and so on, but without the original design, these no matter how well the process, can only give the play along the way, you’ll never achieve independence.

Japan’s AIsin Seiko made Cars are still the largest supplier of transmIssion

Domestic gasoline engine Is still in development so far in the context of the shackles, not help people think of the 1980s made large aircraft operation -10 because Boeing aircraft imports brutally dIsmount tragedy. Now look at the heart of U.S.-made Cars, most of Japan’s MitsubIshi products and their imitations, some time ago because the fuel data MitsubIshi fraud scandal after the acquIsition of NIssan, MitsubIshi to stop the industry worried that U.S. provide engine technology, enough to prove that U.S.-made CarsDependence on the Japanese engine. The reason Why the domestic engine have not yet been developed, and key supply MitsubIshi engine technology have a great relationship, but nor can pan full training and preparation MitsubIshi, in the circumstances, even if MitsubIshi does not sell, there Will be “four Ling “,” Wuling “to sell, but not get the key after absorbing technology innovation Is their problem, only sorrow, Blame.

MitsubIshi engine in the sale of domestic models LIst

say we rely on financial support for technological innovation, but the reality Is that there are motivated aspiring private enterprIses get research funds, funds of state-owned enterprIses get a lot of half-day and hold it out like a gentile train. In fact, let alone a Car, and some companies even do not hold back out of the Car standard, even often create embarrassing monthly sales figures for sale one of. If private enterprIses could get to that 1/10 50 billion, I am afraid the result Will not be like thIs now.