Why do so many car seat heating but no seat ventilation?

article from: Daily Google know

There are a lot of people have Cars, have a Car to travel a lot easier, and now the Car has become increasingly high-tech, good point Car Will seat heating in winter people do not drive so cold, the Car turn the heating function of happiness overflowed. Speaking seat ventilation, maybe a lot of people do not know thIs, so Why a lot of Car seat heating ventilated seats did not do?

First of all we need to know what seat ventilation yes, yes how kind. The seat Is divided into ventilation and suction type blower type, seat ventilation fan Is the principle of injecting air into the seat, air flows in from the surface of the orifice seat, to achieve ventilation function.

seat ventilation effectively improve the air circulation environment and human body parts in contact with the seat, even if the long ride, the contact surface of the body and the seat Will be dry and comfortable. Although it sounds simple, but in fact it Is a very complicated matter. Seat ventilation Is to let the wind through the seat.

Therefore, the general ventilation of the seat are mounted on a high profile leather seats, and the seat need drilling process, in order to facilitate the circulation of the air volume. ThIs ventilation only on the surface, to know the inside of the seat base material Is foamed, ventilation Is relatively limited, so that the internal configuration of the seat needs to be targeted ventilation design. Therefore, seat ventilation on the internal structure of the seat Will be much complicated.

and the seat roommate high ventilation requirements. When the seat load, testing the ventilation device operating noIse Is less than 50 dB. Ventilation means operating voltage of + 9V to + 16V. When the voltage Is lower than the operating voltage, low voltage protection Will be Automatically short-circuited, ventilation Is stopped. And when people make up the time, no matter what kind of position or what happens, we must ensure that thIs seat ventilation function normally.

If thIs feature Is installed seat ventilation, the passengers sitting in the Car uncomfortable, thIs Is a very sad thing, in addition, it Will have a casual or what action, resulting in seat chair Is no way thIs operation Is not acceptable.

The reason Is that there are so many problems and difficulties, so many Cars have heated seats, but it did not seat ventilation, and fitted with seat ventilation ThIs function Is alsoTo spend huge economic, it can be considered a very luxury thing.

But I believe that in the near future people Will be able to have thIs feature fitted with seat ventilation on each vehicle. ThIs Will enable us in the back while driving Will not keep still sweating because the cushion gas-tight, in particular skin sticking to the leather seats that uncomfortable feeling.