Why do so few people buy Kemai Luo, really not as good as the Ford Mustang? An owner gives the answer!

Speaking of the US Department of muscle Cars, it should be called “Pony Car”, a few decades ago with the real “Muscle Car” muscle Cars still have some differences. Currently the United States Department of the major muscle Car Is the “two-person show” Ford Mustang (Mustang) with snow Chevrolet Camaro (Camaro), as for the Dodge Challenger, in the country there Is no basic sense of ownership Is too low not to say. And with Ke Mailuo Mustang, the Mustang ownership has been great Kemai Luo, which I think we all understand, the road to see the Ford Mustang not too much, and snow Chevrolet Camaro relatively little experience, thIs Is Why? Today, Liu talk about thIs topic with you:

Ke Mailuo to buy a lot less than buying the Issue of Mustang, old Liu asked a snow Chevrolet Camaro owners, from him I got some answers. Above Is a Kemai Luo mention the owner of the Car, a 2019 section of Ke Mailuo 2.0T RS, Is the only official version introduced in the Chevrolet 4S shop can be seen, as the SS large dIsplacement, ZL1, Z28 these are generally not seen, perhaps someone pay big bucks parallel imports, but it Is definitely a very small number, all number come too kind nationwide.

From the appearance, the old Liu personally think Kemai Luo pull the wind index Is more than the Ford Mustang, one comes with its own topic, after all. ” Hornet “the feelings endorsement; especially the yellow painted Kemai Luo, running in the street really attract attention, a lot of the little girl saw the Car Will say” wow, Hornet “;! Second, design on a little off the beaten path, easy to give the impression that the current models are the sixth generation Kemai Luo, compared to the old before more sharp, like the front face design, significantly more aggressive.

side moldings relatively stocky, vigorous and strong, relatively clear profile, two-door design, the doors are frameless glass, which Is a sports Car must have elements. Ke Mailuo belongs too large in the Car, the Ford Mustang with similar overall dimensions, about 4 meters long Car 8, 9 in the vehicle width 1 m, about 1 m high 36, the wheelbase 2 m head 8, 1570 kg curb weight than the previous generation of weight loss a lot.

of the door Is very long, the opening angle Is relatively large, the Car Is relatively easy. You can see, Ke Mailuo posture Is still very low, with a long front, the US Department of encircling sports Car cockpit design, as caught in the seat again, and so vIsion Is not very good, the owner of the bar before it Duokemailuo They have emerged rub. Interior design with the Ford Mustang regarded as just about the same, are typical of the US Department of style, a little bit “rough”, not to mention a sense of luxury, technology class configuration with about 150,000 Chevrolet models almost ordinary.

Ke Mailuo rear poor practicality, feels worse than Ford Mustang. If you do not adjustable front seats, rear seat adults Is very difficult, and basically had no place to put the feet, only a few bags or pet her. Configuration Is relatively poor, what air conditioning vent ah, charging port, cup holder armrests, headrests what’s not all, so the back Is very sad.

In general, the Car gives the impression that the inherent power Is cattle, but Ke Mailuo kingpin Is 2.0T models, the power operator in the sports Car the relatively poor. Look at the layout of the engine compartment understand the Car a lot of friends Will think of another one of GM’s Car that Cadillac ATSL. The 2.0T with Ke Mailuo Cadillac ATSL Is a production platform, the engine Is the same, just adjust some differences. If you look at the book data, Ke Mailuo 2.0T Is 275 horsepower, and Is ATSL 279 horsepower, horsepower 4 Ke Mailuo also less, both peak torque Is 400 Nm. Implement the 0-100km / h acceleration on, Ke Mailuo contrast ATSL did not much advantage, the measured basic Is six seconds in hIs early levels, slower than the 2.3T Mustang. The 2.0T Kemai Luo gearbox with ATSL the same age Is the same, are common 8AT, it can be said that another difference between the two vehicles Is a key part of the main chassIs tuning, but the difference was not great, most people can not feel. Drive Formally, these two Cars are the same, are rear-drive. Suspension structure Is exactly the same front suspension Is double ball McPherson, Is a multi-link rear suspension.

The owners of thIs purchase was Kemai Luo Is 390 099, Is 400,000, and the price ratio 2.3T Ford Mustang to be expensive, and the US regulatory beggar edition Mustang Will generally about 300,000, may be less, while Ke Mailuo US regulations are not cheap, in short, these two Cars very bad money, not to mention the same period the Big Three are the same Cadillac ATSL just how much money. Ke Mailuo although expensive than the Mustang, but later sold second-hand residual value rate Is not as good as the Broncos, after all, the Chevrolet brand in the country has not to force. High prices, not as good as the Broncos run faster, the brand Is not to force, these owners told us talked about, very clear, Why the owners or buy such a Kemai Luo it? The biggest reason Is the Car the “Hornet” thIs feeling blessing, opening out to pull the wind, it means “to buy a shell”, apart from thIs factor, other aspects with the Ford Mustang compared to no advantage at all, so buy few people. I friends, I do not know how you advice, you are Willing to buy a Ford Mustang or snow Chevrolet Camaro it? Welcome Message DIscussion!