Why do smart people from the “car seat”? After we know the reason, the first time I threw it away

For the owner, the vehicle as if it were hIs second home, and Is also movable kind, such relatively private space Is more natural and comfortable better, and had to look good, so many people Will give their Car to install a variety of decorative and functional accessories inside the Car, but it needs to be noted that these had to meet a premIse that does not affect to security. Recently there Is Careful users found that smart people do not have “Car seat” ThIs Is quite common in the Car “fine decoration,” Why Is thIs? Insiders say the four reasons, the know, the first time I put it away!

One reason, the influence of the seat parcel Car seat. To go back to the Car seat shape Is not easily designed not only to fit the occupant’s hips, thighs and other parts of the spine, we have to protect these contact surfaces have enough friction, which Is not only related to the seat comfort also closely related to the safety of the vehicle occupants, in related industries, such properties are collectively referred to as “seat parcel”, and once the seat fitted with a “seat cover”, then the original parcel has been designed to it Will be destroyed.

for two reasons, Car seat covers Will destroy the interior beauty. ThIs score situation, it Is undeniable appearance of some seat cover does look pretty good, but now many models have interior design consIstency, there Is a relationship of mutual echoed, for example, LOGO embroidery or a textured red seam movement lines, if put those seat covers original design aesthetic rather meaningless. As another example of a more intuitive, spent a lot of money to buy leather seats with models, the result set of a seat cover material Is unknown, click on LOW feeling a lot.

for three reasons, the use of Car seat cover material may not be environmentally friendly. To save costs, the market many Car seat covers not a good use of the material, nor subject to environmental protection rating or certification, I Will not speak these, some directly you can smell the dIstinct odor, to know the interior space Is relatively closed, stay inside long-term respiratory seat covers comes out of breath but would cause harmful health no small harm.

Four reasons, Car seat covers Will affect the pop-up airbag. Airbag but very important on-board passive security configuration, and now many models are configured, and some airbags are placed inside the seat Will, for example, the side airbags Is that most Car seat cover production side Is not professional, design shape when not taking into account the specific position of the vehicle airbag, put the seat cover after thIs Will affect the normal pop-up airbag in the event of an accident Will be very dangerous.

These are the insiders pointed out, not a few smart people from the main reason for “Car seat”, but in fact thIs Will affect security Car decoration or do not use it well.