Why do rich people do not add to the car seat covers? Old drivers say it makes you scared

Some owners like to give their Car seat installed seat covers, mostly in order to make their Car look good, increasing the comfort of their own sense, although early heart Is good, but the seat tops the seat covers really okay?

In fact, for the vehicle seat mounted on the seat cover, from a security point of view entirely in harm themselves, because the seat cover Is mounted on the vehicle seat It Will make a very good Car airbag can not unfold as if in front of the co-pilot placed a number of other things, like! When the seat cover Is elastic tied airbag deployed position, if the rIsk of occurrence, with predictable results.

Even without considering the elastic band reason, when the balloon pops up when there Is no additional increase its penetration effect, in case of emergency when the air bag can We can not penetrate the layer of the seat cover Is unknown. And when the airbag deployed, it Will burst open like a bomb, and if there are seat covers are very easy to make the passengers were injured.

and the material of the seat itself, manufacturers are Carefully selected in order to prevent the Car after the collIsion occurs, a strong friction, so that the occupant’s body try to remain seated, avoid collIsions. And some owners to their seats fitted with seat cushion ice silk, Is very smooth, brakes in time, very easy to make your own fly.

and some of the cheap seat covers, not only smell, there are still some things may be hazardous to their health. Perhaps you feel the Car seat covers Is very good, no smell, but if put under the sun exposure, what happens then?