Why do not ye to be seen by Volkswagen sold in the United States Is booming in the United States?

in the country, many Americans have chosen the Volkswagen brand Cars. The performance in the United States across the Atlantic, but mediocre, do not ye by American riders to be seen. But Volkswagen Group still relying on strong sales in its largest market, the United States, in 2016 successfully surpass GM and Toyota to become the annual sales champion. So Why Americans are addicted to thIs popular Car left out on it? I think it Is the first to compare and analyze these concept Cars the impression of several major series, you Will clear it.

US Department of Cars impression – the costs of oil. American Cars like the now popular mobile games in the “tank”, in order to survive, have “thick blood.” Hummer think of such a Car, high fuel consumption do not say it. American Cars as well as full-powered, better acceleration performance, ride height Is moderate, stability and good grip, large spacious business class must other features.

Japanese Car impression – light frame. Japanese Cars like the now popular mobile games in the “assassin”, in order to survive it must “move fast speed.” ThIs of course Is the result of a jerry, put it nicely called alternative, in fact, use some cleverness. Have to say that the Japanese Car engine technology, as well as Japan gearbox Is also very high-end, such a lack of resources in Japan’s national production of thIs Car Is very consIstent with national conditions. But in the country due to hIstorical reasons, the Americans mention of Japanese goods Is nothing more than the word: boycott! And buy a Japanese Car, there are some extremIsts smashed Cars danger.

Korean Cars impression – not hedge. Korean Cars such as hand travel game “Master.” Although Korean Cars by color value and cost-effective to attract consumers, however, the level of internal technical content, brand hIstory, design, etc., there Is a large gap. In the power matching, driving texture, technology research and development, power systems, interior comfort, etc., are still lacking.

domestic Cars impression – parallel imports by stuffing. U.S.-made Cars like the now popular hand tour of the “warrior”, there are no outstanding characterIstics, piling up a variety of functional configuration. And attitude towards the Car Is relatively simple, that “Ism,” you look at some Car companies that simply mimic the fighter ah!

of the first global Car brand in the hands of Toyota, Toyota in the United States you can easily beat the masses, but life in America Is not easy. There are broken shaft event before the public, after the emIssion uglySmell, but these seem to influence what the public Will not constitute, in the eyes of the people of the exIstence of God Is still the same Car? Why? Philosophy class teacher said, “there Is reasonable”, then the Americans are so fond of the public, I think it must be unique, popular Volkswagen Car in the United States the following main points in the eyes of many:

1, recognition Is high, public Car “preconceived” Volkswagen vw logo Is a household name, image has been deeply rooted. The rIsks are greater than the later followers, the first to enter the domestic market, it has laid a good foundation for the market, so should get greater returns. At the time of marriage I have a Santana can be said that the family honor, that face comparable “million households” virtually Volkswagen Car becomes a myth. In contrast to Toyota and Honda now many people are not too clear divide it.

2, looks good, feels “atmosphere”, in line with the traditional concept of people, a lot of Japanese Cars look compared to controversy, the law-abiding public appearance, at least, no one Will say ugly non-mainstream.

3, increasing the rate, the same price to buy a Car, a few years to sell second-hand Volkswagen Car Is worth more than anything else.

4, faith in God Car. There Is a good called “Parents say it Is good.” Many owners Is the time to buy the Car before and after marriage, usually parents to spend money. Ashkenazi people repairer attitude of the Car Is very strict, absolute safety performance said in the past. We Will research before buying a Car half-day, Volkswagen Cars in the United States have an advantage over other systems, it can be said that a faith.

5, appropriate pricing. Volkswagen models in the United States have the choice of various grades Is relatively large, many of which are joint venture to produce relatively reasonable prices.

6, easy maintenance. Volkswagen 4S shops all over the country, bought a Volkswagen Car, the ubiquitous Volkswagen 4S shop virtually in people’s hearts to put up to buy a Volkswagen Car repair and maintenance do not worry about the late thing benchmark. To travel trip, you open the Car no matter where, to find a repair shop 4S Is easy, and the price Is a fair price.

7, good quality service. Manufacturing capacity and marketing channels foundation Is good. New York Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen Is almost ten years the most successful joint depot. Between the internal competition irrelevant than other depotExternal competition but also fierce, you want quality service Is also very important competitive project.

However, it does not mean that German Cars than US-based Japanese would be much better, everything Is not absolute, different needs, buy the Car Will be different. Just as game characters, the “tanks, assassin, warrior, mage,” different positioning, which Is to meet the different needs it. Each series of concept Cars are very dIstinct, very different now. Even if Americans like the general public, but in many countries worldwide, but are also just fills a niche, you have many options.

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