Why do not cover tank car on the same side of it? Some on the left and some on the right?

Many people Will have such doubts, Why some owners of the Car Is usually parked opposite position Is that we fuel it? Sometimes I can not help but get off to go look at the original location of the tank of hIs Car on the other side of the Car. So Why do some Car’s fuel tank on the left, some to the right of it? So Is the case, Why the Car fuel tank cap Is not on the same side of it? Some on the left and some on the right?

In general then, the United States series Cars, their fuel tanks are usually on the right. He did not say like Mercedes-Benz or BMW, thIs Car. Japan produced Cars, they Will be the most fuel tank on the left, such as Toyota or Honda thIs Car. But you have to know Why thIs difference? It turned out that driving traffic and their country’s relationship. Driving in Europe and these countries are generally to be moving right time, so they are usually the driving seat placed in the front left.

and Japan, when they are driving, the driver’s seat Will be safe in the right front, was driving when they are left to rely on traveling. Consider the charge to balance security concerns and the weight ratio of the mailbox usually placed in the driver’s seat of a diagonal, not only in thIs direction can easily pull over Cars stopped to refuel, but also to ensure that the vehicle Is about balance, so their driving Instead seat and tank Cars. In the United States our driving time to drive on the right, so in the United States produced their vehicle in the right fuel tank usually do?

In fact not the case, such as the US Changan and Harvard thIs Car, their mailboxes are on the left, and the United States imported Japanese Cars, they do not allow the United States left-hand vehicles on the road, so these Cars are setting up some modification. There are some vehicles in order to reduce costs, but the movement of the steering wheel position, but does not adjust the layout of the fuel tank. So sometimes we can see a small arrow next to the oil pan head when refueling. If the paper mill into a small arrow head, then left in hIs mailbox, if it Is right, then he’s mailbox on the right again. ThIs Will help us determine the location of the fuel tank when refueling quickly.