Why do foreign cars are generally not film?

A lot of people buying new Cars first thing to do Is to film, thIs aspect Is to ensure the privacy of the Car, on the other hand Is in order to block ultraviolet light. However, I do not know if you have found that in many countries in Europe and America, the new Car Is not the film. what Is thIs?

In fact, thIs Is mainly for hIstorical reasons of! In 80–90 years, the film Is still very popular in the United States and Europe, when many Car owners also choose to film. However, we all know, that’s the film manufacturing process certainly can not be compared with the current low transmittance seriously affect the driver’s line of sight, so it Is prone to traffic accidents.

Of course, there Is the most important point, Automobile penetration rate Is also high, many European and American countries hold gun rate Is also high. After Automotive film making has become a very private space within the cabin, help criminals attack!

As we all know, the United States police or traffic police to intercept the illegal Car, generally does not allow the driver to get off, we need hands on on the steering wheel, turn off, pull the hand brake! The police need to confirm the situation inside. However, because of the film, the police could not see inside the vehicle, if someone raIsed a gun inside the Car at thIs time, the lives of police on threatened.

Since then, Canada, Britain, Australia, Japan, Russia and other countries have developed similar legIslation, restrict or prohibit the use of Car stickers.

Thus, the film industry Is gradually shrinking. The young man growing up, slowly there Is no sense of foil, passed from generation to generation, it Is not accustomed to thIs! Moreover, with the improvement of glass, a lot of Cars have resolved the problem of heat and UV protection, there Is no need of film!