Why do car spontaneous combustion

believe the owner friends on some platforms have seen the video of the Car ignition, Why Is that? There are so many reasons to talk about following it, 1:00 in fact, many of which are caused by their ignorance, many owners friend to buy a Car to their home in order to increase the Car smell good or look good atmosphere, buy What perfume or water-filled crystal placed in the instrument on the table, thIs Is wrong, so if you can put some small businesses how a lot of money selling it? Think about it myself, 2:00 Is love smoking smoker, no smoking times you Will not find it difficult to hear in the Car, every time you smoked a cigarette lighter readily lost, you are likely to own or family life to lost, more than two owners are friends who own cause spontaneous combustion of some of the problems, because at least something in the sun’s radiation can easily lead to spontaneous combustion Car.

So in addition to the above problems Will not spontaneous combustion Car it? The answer Is definitely there, but less, because the new Car factory are to undergo a very rigorous inspection, few problems, after all spontaneous combustion in the Car after a long time, or Is the owner changed the battery, here talk about, how easy Is it to change the battery after, some businesses in order to put the interests of the quality of converted battery become their own interests, and that if a Car load of electricity exceeds the limit of the battery, the battery can easily lead to burn . Then went on to say on that, how to open a long time Will spontaneous combustion of it, thIs Is not too much to explain, Is a long time after the wires are aging a short circuit cause, it can easily lead to spontaneous combustion, so the more time friends no time to do maintenance see if there Is damage to the wires, if it Is timely replacement of damaged or wrap up, we must be Careful not to think of life as child’s play! Hoping to help everyone,