Why do car rain watertight? Really it Is airtight?

For we usually drive Cars, although most people seem to think it Is a relatively closed environment, but in fact Is not a fact, because it has excellent air tightness, mainly because it there are many reasonable drainage holes. Without these drainage holes, then even if the design done perfectly, it Is difficult to ensure the Car does not leak.

Of course, due to the harsh environment and other reasons, these drainage holes are likely to be blocked. Therefore, when the Car leak occurs in most cases it Is not a small part Is broken problem. ThIs may be due to the blockage caused by these drainage holes. Then drain holes are hiding in the Car what area do?

sunroof drain hole

sunroof drainage device are generally designed skylight four corners. It Is clear to see, located sunroof opening. These four hose connected to the drain hole. The cause of the leak was mainly due to blocked drainage holes of some leaves or magazines, resulting in stagnant water did not break away.

drainage door

Combination of common window glass and sealing strip Is not very good. When it rains, the rain Will naturally follow the window glass into the Car. In thIs case, the water may be withdrawn from the door opening of the door Is at the drain. Door bottom drain hole door seal door Is normally blocked, it Is not easy to see.

nacelle drainage hole

drainage hole of the engine compartment Is typically an air inlet located at the air conditioner, Is easily deciduous or clogged, causing drainage barrier. In the engine room there are a lot of wiring harness, if they get wet rain for a long time, it Will leave a great security rIsk. Of course, water Is also likely to flow back into the air conditioning from the air inlet, causing damage to the air conditioning.

conditioning the drainage hole

different types of Automobiles, air conditioning drain hole slightly different position, usually in the vicinity of the copilot. If the air conditioner drain hole Is blocked, the water Will flow to the front position of the vehicle by a connection hose, which Is the main driving or driving position. It requires timely treatment to prevent mildew.

Oil cabinet cover vent hole.

where the sealing strip and the sealing compared sealed fuel cap Is fairly common. In addition, the fuel filler Is generally concave design, it Is easy to cause precipitation water. In thIs case, the drain hole of the tank a significant effect, can promptly dIscharge the water accumulated.

So now you have Car owners to understand it, Why the Car Will not leak rain, then a big rain, the Car Is dry, in fact, not because it Is completely airtight seal, but because of the installation of a drain hole in the designers of each place. These drainage holes are usually hidden in secret locations, without Careful observation Is not found, which Is a lot older drivers to drive for many years do not know where they are.