Why do balancing it with a high-speed car shake it matter?

in the Car in the Car at any time are likely to encounter a variety of small cases, I believe that many owners have encountered the dynamic imbalance of the wheel, thIs phenomenon Is very obvious, within a certain speed range Car It Will feel like the Car out of control in general, the steering wheel shaking very badly. Then go to the repair shop to check the store staff Will first suggest you do a wheel balancing, wheel balancing in the end that thIs Is how it happened?

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balancing means during rotation of the wheel it exhibited a phenomenon, due to the symmetry plane of the wheel mass relative to the asymmetry, when the wheel rotates at high speed Will swing around, which Is movable wheel imbalance. Before figuring wheel balancing, dynamic wheel imbalance and dIsadvantages. If the wheel dynamic unbalance at high speeds, it Will cause travel of the vehicle wheel shake, steering wheel vibration phenomenon, dynamic wheel imbalance Will swing, so tire wear Is generated wavy, static imbalance Will produce bumps and chattering. Dynamic unbalance wheel vibration state of the Automobile and noIse, affecting the ride comfort, the driver fatigue produce drowsiness, so that when the dynamic unbalance occurs wheels Is very dangerous.

Usually mileage tire balancing Is not predetermined, but depending on the specific use of the tire may be, , wheel balancing must be done at the time of replacement tires. Sometimes the mechanic quickly in order to save time in the repair shop Will be opportunIstic do wheel balancing, make balancing the effect Is not ideal, so when the wheels do balancing owners must pay attention to these points:

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1 must pay attention to whether the mechanic Will lead weights inside edge of the rim or completely cleaned when the tires do balancing, whether the soil inside the rim completely cleared stones or on the tire, which directly affects the balancing effect.

2. When do the replacement tire balancing, tire side note when replacement tires wipe the lubricant not much, otherwIse easily lead to tire and rim assembly after the dIslocation does not move balance.

3. Effect on balancing many factors influence even balancing of the tire above the tire valve considerable, so that the valve material and then the valve rubber from steel to aluminum valve valve, reduce costs while maintaining the wheel balancing.

4. Another point to note Is doing balancing, it Is to measure the size of the tire, dimensions the more accurate the better the dynamic balance measurement, the deviation size balancing Will generally 5-15g deviation or more, such small deviations are not apparent at high speed Will appear at low speed.