Why did not the Russian car market in the United States? ThIs Is critical for several reasons

With the rapid development of U.S.’s economy, now the Car has slowly spread, but also become a daily means of transport, but also some rich people prefer to buy foreign luxury Cars to demonstrate their status. But I do not know if you have not noticed, of foreign brand Cars, we have seen a lot, but almost never seen the Russian Car.

as we have more common Is the BritIsh and French virtue, Japan and South Korea, Italy, Russia Car but almost never seen, but many of them are from the United States military aircraft Russia ordered, Why Russia does not have any Auto market in the United States? ThIs should start with the following three reasons. The first reason Is that little Russian domestic Car market. Russian Car brand Is very small, also known as the Volga, Lada and so on. Although a large land area in Russia, but not to 2 million population, the Russian domestic Car demand Is not large, but Russia’s own Car industry Is not really serious, but not the energy spent on Automobile manufacturing.

The second reason Is Russia’s Automotive business environment Is relatively poor, all these years, the US domestic Auto brand competition Is fierce, and many local brands directly to phase out foreign brand Cars, while domestic brands in order to keep the Car market, but also continue to Carry out research and development to produce more new products. Although Russia Is the major industrial countries, but the economy has not, so far Russia also that several old Cars, there Is no development of new products, so Russia Is not competitive, not only many other brands of foreign Cars, just our domestic Car you can be completely rolled Russia.

The final reason Is that Russia’s Car production can not meet the needs of our consumers. Russia in the Automotive sector very backward production technology, and Automobile production line or decades of obsolete equipment, whether it Is a Car or the appearance of internal operations, our country has been unable to meet consumer demand for Cars, would Russia lose at the starting line, the day after tomorrow without effort, naturally difficult to break into the US market. And U.S.’s Automobile import tariffs are very high. Do not say that our country Is Russia’s own people also own Cars recognition continue to decrease.

U.S.’s general tariff Is such a species, we spend large price results bought one not only cumbersome unsightly, but also all aspects of performance not as good as other foreign brand Cars, believe that even if the Russian Car shipped to the US market, there Will not be too many people Willing to pay.