Why did not the rich man’s car seat covers? After we know the truth, the owner: go back to tear down

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Now many families have to buy from a Car, after all, he Is now the price has not been so expensive for most families, or can afford . Another Car can be used for many years, so such a calculation, he Will not so expensive. But we just bought a Car, a lot of people Will regard him as their baby look the same, when they are driving Carefully, for fear of damage a little.

even for many of my friends, even if the Car was hit a little knock was also very worried if you see a small scratch on the Car then, a lot of people anxious to sleep. Of course, in addition to the appearance of the Car, a lot of people for Automobile interiors are also very concerned about, which for some women friends, decorate the Car even more variety.

Some people Will put in place a rear window of plush toys, spray some perfume in the Car, or Is hanging in the driver’s seat position Some jewelry. Of course, we appear most or many people Will give their Car to buy a seat cover, because in that case, can be the most effective guarantee of our Cars clean, and the seat of the Car itself can also play a protective role. He really okay for our Car? Why do not these rich set it on the Car? After knowing the truth, many owners have dIscussions road, go back and put it removed!

Some people may feel these wealthy people, they are very rich, do not Care about whether their Car seat Is broken stained. Even the seat Is dirty does not matter, anyway, and some money to clean up. If you want to really think so, it would be wrong, they do not install thIs set Is a reason on their seats, and now we go and see! Friends all know that our airbags, in addition to the driver’s steering wheel, some of it Is in our side of the seat.

If we are to use your own Car seat cover, even though the surface looks more beautiful in our Car, but in factLike there Is a very big security rIsk. You know, these seat covers Will affect our pop-up condom, in the event of traffic accidents, these airbags can not be timely pop up, that would be very dangerous!

Section reminder: our Car in the process of moving very fast, thIs time the Car seat belts and airbags became protect our powerful tool. So to our usual traffic safety, and the health of the passengers in the Car, do not give their Cars after the installation of the seat cover. In addition, we are also Car seat as squeamIsh as you want, at the time of manufacture with the manufacturers of quality Is better, and we usually work Car Is to give us pleasure, if we put seat covers, then, Is not that waste of resources it?

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