Why could not beat the winter car fire

winter morning temperature Is too low, thIs Will make the Car hard to start. The reason may be: temperature Is too low, so that the decline in performance of the engine lubricating oil, so that the resIstance of the engine Is increased, Is not easy to start. On the other hand, gasoline Is less likely to be atomized, so that the proportion of oil drops, Is not easy to burn. Battery power Is low, it Will drop during the winter battery power, sometimes because of a low battery can not ignition. Then you need to frequently check the battery charge and low start-up current. Automotive oil flow Is blocked, the oil vIscosity increase winter Automobiles, easy flow, so that the engine resIstance increases, it Is not easy to start up. Exhaust pipes freeze, so that the exhaust blocked the Car with poor quality antifreeze or antifreeze Is added, so the Car waterways freeze, Automotive water pumps can not work, the engine damaged, it can not be started.