Why cars were powered 2.0T engine?

before the 1960s, large dIsplacement V8 engine Is the mainstream of the world, after that, V6 engine Is gradually on the rIse. Today, however if you want to buy a Car or SUV, you are likely to find that it Is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine.

unless you want to choose a smaller Car or a million luxury Car, otherwIse it Is difficult to avoid the turbocharged 2.0-liter engine option. Currently there are more than 200 Cars provide 2.0T engine, and thIs number continues to increase.

price from about 100,000 of the new Range Rover Landwind X5 energy to 1.748 million, equipped with 2.0T engine models Is very broad. In the set-ups, 2.0T engine power range Is very wide, in terms of the Mercedes-Benz M274 engine, tuning the lowest power C200 only 184, while the highest adjustment A45 can achieve exaggerated 381.

Why 2.0T engine Cars were powered by it?

According to Vice President of Hyundai Motor product planning Mike O’Brien saying, 2.0T engine just to traditional V6 engine comparable in performance. “Cooling capacity and heat engine determines the extent turbocharged level,” O’Brien said, “Despite the cooling effect of direct injection technology allows us to increase the engine’s compression ratio and boost level, but there are still restrictions, and large the situation in most Car manufacturers are experiencing the same. “Hyundai motor company said the current boost the value of their engines up to 1.17bar.

Lexus global strategic network manager Paul Williams said: “Lexus chose 2.0T engine Is valued between its performance, weight and engine efficiency balance .2.0 liter inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine, each cylinder volume of 0.6 liters, we found that with the most engine power balance between the weight of thIs design. “

in recent years, many luxury Cars and SUV large dIsplacement from the previousHowever 2.0T aspirated engine to a turbocharged engine, although the book data but the actual level of power decrease has improved.

For example, naturally aspirated engine mounted Audi 4.2L power to 350 Q7 hundred kilometers 7.4s, and paragraph 2019 Audi Q7 40TFSI turbocharged engine mounted power 2.0T 252, but hundred kilometers to reach the 7.1s. ThIs Is because the peak torque speed range broader turbocharged engine (1600rpm-4500rpm), and the peak torque speed of the engine naturally aspirated most only one point (3500rpm), it can turbocharged engine in the case of more at maximum output power.

Car manufacturers instead of large dIsplacement naturally aspirated engine with a 2.0T turbocharged engine, to a large extent also to improve fuel economy to meet customers’ demand and more stringent government regulations. Fewer parts means less number of cylinders, on the one hand thIs reduces frictional energy losses inside the engine, on the other hand Will reduce the weight of the engine. So in theory 2.0T turbocharged engine burn less fuel than the naturally aspirated engine of large dIsplacement.

Ash Conclusion

2.0T popular because of large dIsplacement engine before it can perfectly replace the natural absorption gas engine. Smaller engines can bring more interior passenger space and more storage space. While smaller dIsplacement engine Will appear high power, but over a long period of time in the future, 2.0T turbocharged engine Is still the mainstream.

Do you think gold dIsplacement 2.0T Is it?

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