Why cars can turn? Talk about differential and differential lock

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Why would turn the Car? ()

A. B. Since the steering wheel because the wheel Will turn

C. Because there should be a differential gear D. box

correct answer Is C, because of the differential, the Car can achieve a turn calmly, on the contrary may cause damage to the vehicle drive train.

That being the case then the question again, because the Car may turn because there Is differential, differential that Is exactly what a thing? Why had it before the Car could easily turn? Today, let us talk to the small Plaza that thing differential and differential lock.

before the small Plaza differential chat or talk to you first turn the Car principle: our common Car are four wheels, in when driving straight on the road, the vehicle’s four wheels Is uniform motion. During cornering, Cars route Is part of a circle (an arc)

Since the vehicle itself has a certain width, and therefore the inner and outer wheel relative to the wheel the center position Is also different, so the results caused by only one, that Is, inside and outside the vehicle wheel travel dIstance Is not the same. For non-driving vehicle for thIs does not seem a problem, because they are the single operation, regardless of who fast who slow does not matter, but for which the drive wheel Is somewhat difficult, because they are receiving from the engine and transmIssion the same force box. Wants to exercIse at different speeds to the same force, the case, in the left and right sides of the vehicle wheels on the need of a mechanical device called differential to adjust the speed of the wheel on both sides (inner deceleration, lateral acceleration), in thIs way, our Car can turn a normal.

understand these down we have to start focusing on the differential talk about, let us first look at thIs picture belowSee differential internal structure:

The figure Is a basic conventional differential, the frame differential driven by an input shaft, a planetary drive frame gear, then adjusted by the power between the planetary gear and the sun gear, and finally the power transmitted to the output shaft.

From the image point of view, the traditional differential structure Is very simple, played full count Is ten parts, while the core part Is the middle the four bevel gears. When the vehicle Is traveling straight, the pinion revolution not only the rotation of the differential Carrier and the two side gears rotate at the same speed. When the Car turns left or cause other cases, two side gears and also the rotational speed difference Is generated, resulting in an intermediate pinion rotation occurs, thereby absorbing the speed difference between the two side gears, so that the right and left wheel rotational speed difference in the case where there Is under the smooth cornering.

Is a very clever differential mechanical structure, it can assign the same driving force to the shaft between two different speeds. But that Is because of thIs feature also makes differential having a common problem: if the side wheel slip or the axle of the driving force Is zero, since the two differential shaft having guaranteed an equal driving force, no slip the driving force on the drive wheels slip and the driving force Is bound to have on the same wheels, – or what approaches zero. The results of such cases caused by only one, that Is, the Car can not escape from the predicament. The bitterness no matter how the throttle to no avail, the best way wanted a way to restore the friction spinning wheel or just looking for relief ……

Since there are thIs weakness, Automotive engineers Will certainly not let thIs device alone in the Car between the wheels, therefore, the differential in order to overcome their own weaknesses, engineers have invented a differential lock, called the wheel between the two between differential lock, mounted on the center differential called a center differential lock. With thIs lock mechanIsm can be activated when the wheel slip, thIs Will form a rigid connection between the two sides of the wheel, the left and right to give a uniform force between the driving wheels.

The picture shows the differential lock jaw.

Well, give us today to talk to here, read thIs article over little friends know Why the Car can turn yet? If you still do not understand where everyone can enjoy in the comments area, the small Plaza all know.