Why cars are to harness tester, what practical place?

As consumers continue to improve vehicle performance requirements, Automobile manufacturers have begun to install in the Car wiring harness connector detector, and by thIs means you can clear guidance on where to line bad Car , sometimes a little past failures, the driver did not know, but he Is not going to pay attention, thIs Car Will be a long time down there Is a big security rIsk, which Is what we call Cars Why use wiring harness the connector of the detector, the following a brief introduction to its practical place.

I believe many people harness tester also do not know, in fact, such a device Is to detect link status inside the Car, and if the line Is there Is a problem, in thIs wiring harness connector you can clearly know which Car line where there Is a problem, the driver can know it, and then promptly to repair or can they have a mental preparation. As a Car manufacturer Is also the need to use such a device, imagine a group of Automobile recall wasted money Is great if the harness connector Is installed detector can greatly reduce the rIsk, for businesses it Is very good of a device; the unit for repair, there Is such a device can accurately guide the Car which place Is broken, in order to make repairs; for individuals Is also very important.

ATX-6000 series Is a high voltage wire harness Automotive test system, the test equipment Is mainly for new energy vehicles, a high voltage cable, high voltage cable for connecting the high voltage battery, an inverter , air conditioning compressors, generators and motors, thereby achieving energy transmitting power. High-voltage high voltage AC750V beam tester, can be done Automatically turned insulation, pressure testing high voltage cables. High-voltage pulse detection technology, you can quickly cut off the dIscharge phenomenon in a short time, to ensure the safety of personnel and the test object.

High-speed conduction test

Self-learning detection

DC high voltage test DC100V ~ 1000V, accuracy of ± 5%

AC high voltage test voltage AC100V ~ 750V, accuracy of ± 5%

The board structure can be extended based on customer demand for flexible fast

a high-pressure dIscharge detecting function, improve the detection safety

test report Automatic recording function

test harness it has real-time, the time can be connected to the driver circuit problem report vehicle, the driver it Is clear guidance on the health of the Car, failure to provide information to the driver, it can make a deal in time, imagine if there Is no such harness connector detector, a failure on the part of the Car, the driver no in the case known, it can easily lead to security problems. We also see a lot of Cars stopped for no reason, no reason to catch fire or explode, for no reason of brake failure and other safety Issues which are unpredictable, with the wiring harness connector these problems Will be easier, but also greatly improve security.

With thIs

harness tester also ease of maintenance, for some small failures are hard to find, and the inspection process takes a lot of time if it Is with thIs detector, you can quickly know the Car problem arIse, it can reduce the time a service personnel to provide accurate and reliable information for the maintenance personnel for maintenance Is very critical.