Why car wheels Will crack? How can I avoid wheel fracture?

Will be more or less prolonged use of Car scratches, become old phenomenon, cracks, etc., then the reason hub fracture in the end Is what causes it? How to prevent wheel breakage? Once the wheels could fracture can not be repaired? how fix it?

cause of rupture hub occur

vehicle forward, the pressure to a hard and sharp objects, the height of the object Is greater than the dIstance from the hub outer edge to the ground, and the outer edge of the tire Is located. When the tire pressure to the object, the object pointed to exactly the top of the outer edge of the tire, the outer edge of the tire puncture vulnerability (which may explain the break on the tire radial direction), the flat tire, instantly losing buffering capacity, hard objects that direct impingement of the hub, causing the hub of the fracture near the edge of the valve (which may explain the hub edge defects). Subsequently, resulting in the breaking off of the hub. Or when the wheels encounter a large pit, fast in the past, beyond the reach of the hub, it can lead to fracture. In the alloy to almost wayward than iron wheel hub, but the heat dIssipation and weight than steel wheels.

How to avoid the hub breaking it

first, multi-check: before driving us all take a minute to look at where the Car can see, to see if anything unusual, or be regularly checked, if your Car often at high speed, thIs Is more to enhance the degree examination.

Second, the selection of Energizer flat road driving, the vehicle speed must not fast uneven road surface, moving slowly, moving slowly but also encountered roadblocks opened. ThIs Is the main reason for the damage usually hub, the hub after injury naked eye can not see generally, slowly formed a safety hazard.

hub break repair method according to

If the alloy wheels are breaking you order to save costs away some non professional place to fix it, you’re wrong, so out of repair hub Is not guaranteed. In fact, many places are original repair process, closed testing, polIshing, roastedPaint and other procedures can be repaired, if you are concerned about security Issues, but also cast wheels combined with a solution of aluminum in the casting process, the same, the welding Is Carried out inside and outside penetration with the same aluminum alloy material, so do not worry about quality Issues. Before and after

hub break repair comparIson chart