Why car third party liability insurance and car damage Is not a substitute to pay high insurance?

First, insurance Is divided into two parts, strong insurance and commercial insurance.

to pay high insurance full name: compulsory traffic accident liability insurance Is insured vehicle caused the victim in a traffic accident by the insurance company (but not including thIs Car personnel and insured) personal injury, property damage, be compensated within the liability limit, compulsory purchase, do not buy can not.

First, we look to pay high insurance, to pay high insurance Is only one role, Is to compensate persons or damage to property of others. Simply put, that Is, if a traffic accident occurs, to compensate for the loss of the victim’s insurance.

attention Is compensation to others, hIs Car, hIs loss Is not, not included. What thIs means Is that if you only buy to pay high insurance, traffic accidents, to pay high insurance can be used to payout a variety of the victim’s loss, own Car hIs own pocket to repair their other losses themselves, to pay high insurance Is no compensation.

much easier to understand, Why the state Will be forced to pay high insurance, then if not pay high insurance, accident, if the driver can not afford to compensate, then the victim Will not get any compensation thIs Is the meaning of exIstence to pay high insurance.

Commercial insurance Is their choice, and now there are some drivers are not buy commercial insurance. First of all the Car damage, mainly compensation for the loss of hIs own vehicle, that Is an accident, damage to your own Car, you can get tired by Car damage compensation, which Is a good complement to pay high insurance. Especially if unilateral accident, was hit by a Car of their own to the situation, to pay high insurance compensation Is certainly not there, thIs time Car damage insurance can pay the damages.

Besides third party liability insurance, the amount of thIs insurance Is their choice, 500,000, 1,000,000, and even more money, and now the road so many kinds of vehicles, vehicle maintenance costs, medical costs are also increasing. If, after the accident, to pay high insurance compensation amount Is very limited, there Is simply not enough. Here you can be supplemented by a third party compensation, may compensate victimsAt the same time, there Is also protection of their economic situation.

Car damage insurance Is compensation for your Car, if you do not buy it, out of their own money to repair the Car accident, the insurance company Is not responsible.

compulsory insurance Is mandatory liability insurance must be purchased mandatory country because pay compulsory insurance for third party property damage and medical expenses compensation capability Is weak, you can consider buying third-party liability insurance as a supplement. Car damage Is compensable vehicle damage insurance company commercial insurance, three insurance has its own support functions, basic insurance vehicle insurance, the recommendations to buy, improve the ability to resIst rIsks.