Why car spontaneous combustion may have a method of prevention

Now the News Is often reported that things like spontaneous combustion occurs where the Car, the Car seems to spontaneous combustion phenomenon often happens in our lives, time and occurred regardless of winter and summer, so the reason the Car ignition in the end what Is it? Is there any way to prevent thIs phenomenon happen to us then? The following small series Will come and we talk about these two Issues.

First, let’s talk about the Cause of Car spontaneous combustion phenomenon, although two winter seasons Will appear thIs phenomenon, but the cause the reason Is not the same. The main reason winter Car spontaneous combustion of oil, as well as mechanical failure above circuit, and relatively dry winter weather, but also the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion may occur in the case of the static ignition; summer while the Car ignition phenomenon occurs because in addition to the Car itself Issues, and also some of our little habits are related, such as readily placed in the Car lighters and other flammable items in thIs relatively high temperature in summer explosion of the Car which led to the occurrence of spontaneous combustion.

ThIs read a lot of fans, friends say, that Is not what the lighter the Car on the line to get outside of it? Of course not, Xiao Bian following detailed below Will give you talk about thIs in a way to prevent.

are many spontaneous combustion vehicle engine compartment fire, since the circuit Is generally aging or damaged skin caused by an insulating joint between the circuit not connected causing a short circuit triggering spontaneous combustion, because the line can not be exposed in the surface of the body, mostly dIstributed in the cabin inside, which makes many drivers are ignoring the daily inspection and maintenance work to it. So as long as Careful routine maintenance check, can avoid the accident flammable lines caused by aging, of course, if you want to completely prevent thIs problem, we must develop a good habit of regular inspections, once the line immediately solve the problems identified.

In the oil passage and the cause of the accident Autoignition rIsks equally horrific circuit, if the cabin permeability without leakage to be identified, the engine under high-temperature environment in summer thIs cabin temperature to rIse rapidly enough to ignite the leaking oil and cause spontaneous combustion dedication. Although often seen in the case of spontaneous combustionSome older models, but the new Car Is not that there Is no rIsk of any vehicle should not be taken lightly, should develop the habit of regularly checking.

If our Car Is really unfortunate spontaneous combustion how to handle it? First, we must understand that the Car early spontaneous combustion Is not a fire, but the first taste or smoke comes out, if the release of the Car on the way to smell the smell of burning or see smoke machine stamped with time shed, we should promptly pull over, pay attention away from combustibles around thIs period, and quickly destroy the Car to cut off the vehicle power supply. After determining the location of the fire, fire extinguIshers are processed immediately find the corresponding position. If the engine fire, must wear gloves and then to open the bonnet, the fire extinguIsher to the spray nozzle from the gap to reduce the engine compartment fire.

In short, to prevent Car ignition phenomenon, Is to develop good habits examination, to solve the problem at its roots, which mainly depends on the majority of riders conscious, Xiao Bian want to say, I hope to have some help keeping a Car friends.

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