Why car should be cleaned regularly throttle, fuel injectors, catalytic?

Car accelerated weakness, inability to overtake these symptoms are just like us, like heat stroke in the summer, mostly caused by engine deposits.

Will appear after a vehicle start and a period of time with high fuel consumption, weak acceleration, which Is inside the combustion chamber or multi-spark plugs, intake, motors idling, the throttle position Completions Carbon deposits caused. There may be a sensor failure caused by weak acceleration phenomenon. We can be solved by Carbon deposition area clean engine throttle and so on.

engine deposits Is how did thIs happen? Mostly because often walk downtown congested roads, not fully burn gasoline, plus there Is no in fixed gas station refueling, gasoline quality can not be guaranteed.

Car intake system should promptly clean up the city’s poor air quality today, dust particles in the atmosphere Will be more, air concerns the Car Is not good enough, it Is easy to causing the engine to be blocked or damaged, resulting in insufficient fuel combustion, can not provide sufficient power.

Car Care MIstakes

1, the throttle valve cleaning alone, the nozzle dIscharge three impurity only exacerbate catalytic converters pollution and congestion, Will sometimes play counterproductive

2, the throttle valve cleaning alone, Is capable of reducing Automobile exhaust nozzle of the HC and CO, but not to reduce pollution of the atmosphere.

3 separate clean throttle, fuel injectors are able to have some effect, the electric vehicle can be more effective, but the effect of cleaning the customer to feel not so obvious.

How to clean three yuan? Experts suggest that you travel twenty thousand kilometers per Car must be cleaned three yuan. Vehicle while cleaning the inlet and the throttle valve must be cleaned three yuan. Feel inadequate vehicle power, fuel consumption has increased signs of the time must be cleaned three yuan