Why car mirrors what Is intended to design a vertical line


Some owners buy a new Car, the left door mirror Will find that there Is close to 1/3 of the outside line. Riders just thought it was part of broken glass, but in fact Is not the rearview mirror vertical line Is the design intent, just as we talk about today small mirrors that vertical lines in the end what Is intended.

on the vertical Car rearview mirror effect

in fact, the mirror Carrying a broken line Is known as “double curvature mirror”, since the size of the mirror restrictions, how to get from the owners of the rearview mirror to see more and more clearly the range of many owners seriously. ThIs broken lines dIstributed portion of the outside force, usually one third, we called the portions other than the broken line outside rearview mirror. Outside Is a convex mirror, due to the small radius of curvature, so we see the situation far from thIs part of the outside, which at high speeds Is useful when cornering also helps eliminate driver blind spots, we can predict in advance the rear of the case to take the appropriate measures.

in the inside of the broken line , Is used to observe the general situation of near vIsion, due to the greater curvature, we can see the situation almost at the very clear, for example, in reverse, we can see clearly the position of the Car and next to the rear wheels. During normal use, as a combination of two different curvatures, we can take into account the near and far field of view, effectively reduce the blind spot mirrors, easy to use, reducing the rIsk. ThIs design with a small round mirror mounted in the rearview mirror we have a similar effect.

Rearview the method of adjusting the correct mirror

left mirror adjusting the standard

first, the horizontal midline mirror Is placed, and then adjusted to the edge of the vehicle body occupied by the mirror image 1/4. ThIs ensures that the rear of the vehicle can be within your field of view.

on the right side mirror adjustment criteria

in order to observe the area of ​​the rear wheel and the dIstance from the curb, to the bottom of the larger mirror. Mainly the inside rearview mirror Is adjusted to 2/3 of the height of the horizon mirror, the right side of the vehicle body Is adjusted to occupy the left mirror image of the region of 1/4.

Central mirror adjustment criteria

the cross-dIstant horizon mirror placed in the central neutral position, and then move around. Regulation principle Is being able to see the situation after the Car through the rear window. Effect

The inside mirror

To observe the Car back roads in the country, often need to change lanes. When ready to change lanes, turn signal in advance, and then observed by a rear vehicle interior rearview mirrorVehicles case, after confirming safe lane change

See the rear view mirror

trailing behind the braking Car rearview mirror Is determined from the foregoing, that the brake relax properly, or may be considered lane change, the Car to allow sufficient space, avoiding chain rear-end accidents

after determining the vehicle headway dIstance between vehicles Is determined by a central rearview mirror, the rearview mirror when seen immediately after the front wheel, the front and rear dIstance of about 13 meters, see when the grille, about 6 meters, just see in the network, before and after about 4 meters.