Why car home car dubbed the care home? Is thIs real?

comes to Automotive Web site, we Will inevitably think of Car home, of course, the main reason Is the Car home early start, the accumulation of a large base of user groups, but also more complete information and other models, but in recent years , Car home riders are constantly being dubbed the Car Care homes? What Is the matter with thIs? Take a look:

First of all, how we look at certification forum users House said, according to the user said without posting complaints in use can be, but if your Car problems after complaints forum posting, your message Will not only be removed, can also be the title gag!

Secondly, according to the words of a forum moderator, Car manufacturers have websites and indIstinct interest, and Will never be allowed to bypass the moderator homes directly with the manufacturers to seek benefits, if you do not support the top manufacturers of public relations, then the probability Is lower, but off a great yo!

Finally, the users still tells the truth, whether we like the general online shopping or buying a Car, and nothing in quality OK when the relationship between interests, we might not even bother to praIse point, usually default praIse, not to mention on the website to upload their own Car information write Car feel, it does have undeniable forum owners to play so much, but frankly thIs population base Is not really big, in fact most of them are navy or 4S store sales staff, and other personnel surrounding Auto City more! If you want to understand the real Car feel, recommendations or group of riders plus more reliable and authentic!