Why car “hit but” bike? Originally had a cold knowledge, the traffic police: not papered car


Car “hit but” bike? Originally had a cold knowledge, the traffic police: not papered Car

For some special traffic accident, especially, we often say “papered Car”, when the Car hit after cycling, bike lacks something, but rather the Car “injuries” serious, thIs time a lot of people suspected to be related to the quality of the Car, but here, it Is necessary to share a cold knowledge, the traffic police are some Car testified: not paper paste the Car, but for thIs reason!

First of all we have to know that the Car’s design philosophy: first outside soft, middle hard, soft inside. The scientific name of thIs design Is called collapsible structure. As to Why thIs design, simply, Is to ensure the safety of human life. The reason the Car Is designed with a soft material in the outermost part, because there are many benefits, the most important thing Is to protect the object hit, imagine if the accident really happened, the predecessor of the Car bumper Is increased directly back hard death rate;

Next reduce vehicle’s own weight, so that one can indirectly reduce fuel consumption. ThIs can refer to the previous Car, to know that the old Cars are steel sub, fuel consumption in more than 40, now only around 5. VIsible to reduce the vehicle weight can reduce fuel consumption.

introduced outside after the first soft finIsh, let us look at the so-called “middle hard”, thIs simply refers to the middle of the Car and the Car frame section beams, it must be hard, because they are mainly responsible for most accidents inside most of the impact. So the Car frame and beams are generally high-strength alloy steel for the occupants of personal safety reasons.

Finally, there Is a soft, soft here mainly refers to that portion of the contact with the driver, such as instrument panel, airbag, etc., because these drivers from nearly, if once the right touch event occurs, then these soft materials can greatly reduce the direct damage and secondary injury to the driver.

In summary therefore, the reason for such a design now the Car Will also take into accountA variety of factors, the most important thing to personal safety oriented. But some Car prices Is the name of thIs under the guIse of cutting corners, but a Car accident when the vehicle did not know their dark intentions. ThIs Is Why there Will be “papered Car” of abuse, and those sinIster business Is not get away.

wonderful comments of friends:

User 1: For the paper Is not papered I do not know, but I know Japanese Cars metal thin, not crashworthiness and unsafe. German Car firm, crashworthiness, where black Is not what Japanese Cars, light-weight experienced it.

User 2: think of a friend of Daniel Is bear children ride crashed before Paul, bears the children’s parents said the Car leave, touched on the bad. Friends gas, however, one Is not prepared to take a step back, the full amount requested, the parents let the child know what the bear Carbon fiber material.

User 3: It seems that after the maintenance of the master’s most profitable, because of the small knock a small touch the front Will be deformed, since the cost of thIs service Is not increased?