Why car exhaust pipe smudge? What Is the cause of reason

Car Is composed of many parts, these parts of course, Is also classified. For example, we would fall into the grip of the steering wheel steering system, the brake system belongs to the brake pedal. And an exhaust pipe that Is part of the engine exhaust system. It can play for the Car body vibration and noIse, prolonging the life of the exhaust muffler system.

As part of Automotive exhaust system, the exhaust pipe which have a special exhaust gas treatment apparatus, so that the phenomenon of black smoke can be reduced. But many of the faithful Car Careful dIscovered that the Car’s exhaust pipe touched, still have a lot of black and gray, thIs Is Why? Mainly caused by what reason.

Fuel Quality

Because of the gasoline refining technology, equipment, conditions, more or less fuel there Will be some impurities, which also led to lower quality fuel. Fuel quality has a great influence on vehicle emIssions of pollutants degree of poor quality fuel Will not only cause incomplete combustion, but also the formation of Carbon deposits inside the engine, so that the emIssions increase, over time, the exhaust pipe at the also there Will be black and gray phenomenon.

Oxygen Sensor problem

want to maintain the normal operation of an Automobile engine, in addition to the fuel, but also requires a lot of ratio of air and fuel in general air 14.7: 1 Is the optimum air-fuel ratio. However, because many of the engine of the vehicle long years of use, prone to problems of the oxygen sensor, the air flow rate to achieve their ratio, which leads to the gasoline in the engine combustion Is incomplete, so that a large amount of gray and black smoke.

turbocharged and naturally aspirated engine

in fact, no wants to exhaust nearly smudge Is difficult, because the gas mixture, generates steam, Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide after combustion, and other solid matter, Will smudge natural phenomenon. But thIs Is also the type of engine has a relationship. Naturally aspirated engine combustion conditions withSimple, gasoline fuel efficiency Is high, and therefore fuel combustion black solids less. Combustion turbocharged engine operating condition Is complicated, the turbine Is divided into positive and negative two conditions, it Is difficult to balance the two conditions, plus the difference between the gasoline atomization, smudge adhered to the exhaust tube Will be relatively more.

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