Why car dIsinfection Is so important during a pandemic? To wipe the inside careful!

Cars as a closed environment, how to conduct scientific sterilization, to ensure the health of the driver, today small Will take you to learn some of the most useful techniques, more efficient so that we understand their Car clean, to ensure security during the epidemic .. ready with dIsinfectant wipes or alcohol epidemic raging, many medical supplies are very sCarce in some of our more common dIsinfectant Is potassium permanganate dIsinfectant, chlorine dIsinfectant, we compare 84 familiar with dIsinfectant and dIsinfectant alcohol which, at the time we usually do not have Cars, you can spray inside and outside the Car, useful for sterilization, or dIsposable dIsinfectant wipes 75 degrees alcohol .. the former Is easy to buy in supermarkets to the latter part of the switch you can still buy wipe the door handle in the trunk of several pharmacies. first, we recommend that you Carry a dIsposable dIsinfecting wipes, because if the Car has any residual dIsinfectant Will threaten your baby’s health, then wipe with dIsinfectant 4 door handles, trunk switch and Car keys .. thIs time you need to be replaced and clean the air filter and air filter To ensure the health and clean air.