Why can not the main line of cars modified? The answer Is obvious

From the beginning of January 29, 1886, marked the beginning of the world Automotive internal combustion engine, opened the Car from the era of the internal combustion engine. After 100 years of development, the Car has become very smart and modern, to meet the diverse needs of users, bringing more high-quality driving experience.

At the same time, bring in the design of the structure Is more complex and has a close relationship between the various elements indIspensable, problems Will arIse with the the increase, improper operation, it would pose a security rIsk, such as spontaneous combustion and the like. But in recent years due to upgrade and enhance the power of configuration, so buying more low-end models with low or friends of their vehicles slightly modified, added some technology configuration, and in order to improve the power performance of the engine in addition to brush ECU , but also non-original equipment, turbochargers, let the engine has a certain degree of improvement in dynamic performance. But too often changes the main line of the Car, while the main line of vehicles Is to undertake a major line of Automotive systems, including security configuration, if not required, then refit it Will cause some problems, the following Will give you a lIst of two .

NO1. Car fire

Is currently selling models very smart on the computer settings, that Is, in the factory has been designed well, with the battery power Is almost at full power, plus if you install something, then, Is resulting in large losses, causing a short circuit, it Will be a serious fire. After

NO2. Lock system

After the conversion, Will inevitably lead to confusion in the computer system, there Is confusion Will not work properly, just like our program, write code to match the appropriate database calls, then if not logically insert a line of code directly, it Will make the system crashes during the operation, which Is great bug, the consequences can be imagined. And then if you use cruIse control with locking phenomenon occurred on the highway, and the consequences of brake failure Is almost no difference.

So, after buying our Car, try not to change the vehicleInstalled, if you must pursue higher profile and power, then it Is hard to make money, buy better Cars.