Why can not replace gasoline cars electric car?

electric vehicle Is no problem, you can replace the internal combustion engine vehicles, power performance to be even better. However, electric vehicles there are also short-board battery capacity and life Issues, it Is difficult to charge and security Issues.

In recent years with the development of technology, motors, electrical control, battery also made progress by leaps and bounds, motor power constantly upgrading the Tesla induction motor power P85 has reached 306kw, maximum torque of 600Nm, P100D total power of the motor has reached 568kw, maximum torque of 967Nm. 100 kilometers acceleration performance 2.7s, has gone beyond the power of ultra-running! With 100kwh battery pack life up to 500 km (constant).

Although the price of pulling power Is satIsfactory, life Is also said in the past, but to rely on strong power motor Is piled up. Strong momentum also needs the support of the battery pack. A large-capacity battery, high-power motors. So the quality of vehicle increases, the cost increases. Increase quality but Will increase power consumption, and increase the cost of selling price increases. Tesla P100D price has more than 130w, which Is unacceptable to the populace.

Even domestic pure electric vehicles, the same level of electric Cars can buy a higher grade fuel vehicles. compact and medium-sized gap Is still big, whether it Is controlled, there Is essentially different space, texture, mid-size Car comfort better.

In fact, pure electric vehicles, the most troublesome Is the charge . Unless you have a home charging pile, a fixed parking garage, and daily activities within a radius of mileage. As a result, the vehicle action radius Is limited, at least long dIstances a problem. If the home Is not charging pile, charging outside Is very difficult and requires luck. Even the north of New York-New York-tier cities, charging pile Is hard to find. To charge had four to go around, either occupying fuel vehicles, either fault pile. When thIs time mileage anxiety out on the show, the pile Will not charge you to find the next charging post, Watched the mileage reduction, but could do nothing. He ran far in the future, and finally charged on electricity. Has found out about a few tens of kilometers, has been charged back again to run dozens of kilometers, mileage anxiety that way.

In normal use, mileage Will be shortened year by year. Since lithium battery capacity Is gradually attenuated, although the manufacturers provide warranty eight, but the loss of capacity Is away from the normal range of three bags. Eight lithium content was reduced by 20% Is normal, and even some manufacturers raIsed to 20-30%. Thus the mileage Will decay gradually, while the dIscharge capacity of the lithium battery has a certain relationship with the temperature. Temperature reduction capacity decreases, especially in the winter, the dIscharge capacity may attenuate 1 / 3-1 / 2, these are normal. While electricity consumption for heating in winter Will further reduce mileage.

before there Is no breakthrough in battery technology, electric Cars are difficult to replace fuel vehicles. And electric vehicles currently have subsidies, the overall price Is acceptable, but replace the battery pack Is not subsidized, the battery Is not accidental damage warranty period, thIs time to change the battery price may be even higher than the price of buying a new Car!