Why brands should help identify pro General Assembly?

Public interest in the Automotive sector Is undoubtedly a “hot words”, whether it Is used to highlight the corporate culture, or to gain favor of consumers. Join now, because of their work, I have been involved in a number of reports Is not so detached and Cars charitable activities, but often such public events are some numbers to demonstrate the weight of a corporate conscience. Seems to be a public stage, at thIs stage, passing by too many Car companies, he said some promIses, sprinkle a few tears, leaving some money.

worth noting that in recent years, “tracing” Is becoming a social topic for thIs part of the people, it Is the largest long-cherIshed wIsh of the rest of hIs life, and they can get help very little. Obviously, thIs Is not a nominal amount of money can be solved, they need a platform, or a can help them expand channels of information.

as a brand with nearly a century of hIstory, fertile Po Car Is not insincere expression of concern, but the joint American dream of Social welfare Foundation Fund, help CCTV “wait for me,” large-scale public tracing program, aimed in the transmIssion business of love and warmth, help more separated families to achieve the dream of reunion. From personal experience, just as a grandmother to help the family find lost children and grandchildren, brothers and sIsters for 70 years, and CCTV sincerely hope Bao Wo hold more such meaningful charity.

as an ordinary consumer, such “College Dream” can really feel a social enterprIse responsibility to see that a business practice for social security commitments.

Speaking of tracing experience, if not in some remote and backward areas, while still illegal and criminal activities of trafficking in childrenIt has occurred, resulting in broken families painful tragedy. As a society, the most common of the most common of a people, we were able to find their loved ones Is limited ways and means, never even thought about which companies have to be able to help us.

and in the “waiting for me,” the official website provides an opportunity for people like us , tracing the regIstration of the above information has more than 300,000. When we play with such social media channels and Car prices, the opportunity to amplify natural past countless times.

on the General Assembly to recognize the pro Chengdu station, six groups in tracing family treasure Wal-assIsted Car down to the scene of the General Assembly, after the scene than the information, find long-lost relatives. They run around the field about the hardships in the course of tracing, family reunion occasion Is cause for tears, as relatives and experience to witness thIs moment I could not stop the tears, by contrast, when you see the movie “I’m not the most emotional part of the drug Is easy to God “can not compare thIs to find their loved ones touched.

from the point of view of understanding intelligence agency, in thIs event, Po Wo Car as a “Caring company” actively involved in the entire process, providing comprehensive and warm service personally. event, called for under the fertile Po Car, passionate and Caring owners and dealers fertile Po spontaneous composition love team partner, not only pick-up work tracing the family before and after the event, but also on standby around the clock throughout the event which , only to provide the best possible services to the travel and family tracing activities guests.

believe that for every Car owners Po Wo, Wo Bao not only be able to feel the Car than the Car and warm temperature above the manufacturer, while moving experience to participate in public welfare and happiness brings.

Moreover, to further responsive CCTV “wait for me” section and the public security organs to Carry out anti-child trafficking work, on-site Car fertile Po as a public partner the dream Fund, and the dream Foundation co-sponsored “anti-child trafficking small classroom” project was officially launched. The future Will enter kindergarten and primary school, a children’s summer anti-trafficking and the spread of child safety training knowledge.

At the same time, Po Wo Car site donated 500 sets of children to protect themselves books and 1,000 sets of children’s self-protection video curriculum, to further enhance the community, especially children trafficking crime prevention awareness, at the source to avoid the tragedy of dIscrete between parent and child as much as possible. It Is reported that geopolitical dream Fund in 2015 and “Wait for me” cooperation, support and assIstance given the difficulties of tracing people. While Carrying out tracing the line, acknowledged family events, from May 2015 to date, geopolitical dream fund were held in the General Assembly to recognize the pro Xuzhou, New York, Chengdu, Suzhou, Anhui and other places, helped more than 300 families, more than the amount of subsidy $ 5 million.

future, Po Wo Car tracing activities Will continue to provide support vehicles, with attentive service for tracing family travel and public service personnel. Bao Wo 4S store Will become a “love Inn”, not only can be widely called Po Wo owners and dIstributors to participate in public welfare activities, but also provide real-time and convenient services for the public volunteers and family tracing. More importantly, love Inn can publIsh information tracing separated families and let the early realization of family reunion and reunification.

Po Wo Car Will also actively participate in the General Assembly to recognize the pro and co-host at each stop line, continue to ignite Flame of hope tracing the family, and Will also recognize the pro Po Wo dinner in conjunction with the General Assembly to expand the influence of tracing public interest. Only life can not be lived up to. In social justiceThe benefits of activities, Po Wo Car Will do our best to mobilize all forces, with mobility brand influence and appeal for social light “sense of security.”

In fact, from these minor details still see a company’s intentions.

These things do not seem spectacular, but at the time, because more and more families are affected, but most meaningful. It Is because of the accumulation takes time, and each participant personally, the process of chemical change, it Will become very slow; it Is because of too slow, a lot of companies do not want to do it. So for the Treasure fertile, thIs one Chengdu station of charity, in fact, just the beginning.

Therefore, in the General Assembly to recognize the pro, see the process of tracing, families find their loved ones to see and hear the story by heart, and I still cry over and over again. Can I moved, the man who Will always remain in their own long time in. Twenty years ago, when my grandmother wants to help teenagers find that ignorance of their loved ones, and now has grown to become one to be a part of the media, I am their strength Is small, but just to participate, to contribute their strength even negligible perhaps one day we Will be able to help some people find long-lost family members.

can be seen to affect a limited number of public limited range; but in every year, there Will be a new, little progress. For the public, the biggest innovation Is actually adhere to. When

As reported in various welfare activities of media people, also witnessed find their loved ones excitement and emotion of the participants, personal experience, I was able to with thIsKind of brand counterparts, are honored. We look forward to the days that followed, Po Wo Cars have been able to adhere to thIs early heart and commitment, but also look forward to continuing to participate.