Why BMW spare tire configuration habit? Say you may not believe, the rich nice

Why did not spare tire BMW habit configuration? Say you may not believe, the rich nice

With the continuous improvement of living standards, more and more people have become Car owners, so the Car has gradually spread to within people’s lives. Many people know that most of the Cars are the spare tire, mainly to prevent the phenomenon of the Car while driving, the emergence of a puncture. In thIs way it can be replaced with a spare tire at first, to continue driving. But some people found BMW luxury Cars, even a spare tire Why did not it? ThIs Is somewhat inconsIstent with its hats. In fact, BMW’s tires are flat tires, so it need not be provided tires.

Xiao Bian give you about what Is explosion-proof tires. Flat tires study called “run-flat tires,” the EnglIsh abbreviation Is RSC. After the explosion of the tire deflated, the Car still at speed of 80 km / h, continued to travel 80 kilometers. The reason Why the run-flat tire explosion Is not after the collapse, mainly because such a tire sidewall rubber thickened, even if the pressure loss, it Is possible to support the weight of the side walls of the vehicle, does not lead to severe deformation, so the rear tire puncture and Will not seriously affect the running of the vehicle, the owner even possible to feel, so if the Car flat tires installed, there has been leakage phenomenon, not much of a problem in a short time.

and the Car if there are two major advantages of flat tires fitted, first of all, Is no longer with Car spare tire. If Ann had flat tires on our Car, so you do not need to be fitted with a spare tire, but thIs also reduces vehicle weight, improve driving performance. Then, it Is to increase the safety of the vehicle. We know that flat tires in the event of a leak, but also be able to continue driving, thus avoiding the runaway phenomenon after a flat tire, it can greatly improve driving safety.

However, although, flat tires have a very good security, but it also lost driving comfort. Mainly the construction of such a tire Will reduce Car travel in the shock absorber, so we Will feel when you are driving significant jitter, especially with more obvious in places with poor road conditions. alsoThere Is a price for thIs tire Is also higher than the average, a generally flat tires should be around $ 1500, so it has increased the tire replacement expenditures, so it Is only like thIs Car was equipped with BMW on.

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