Why are open-air car factory car park it? The original can be so, up the knowledge

Why are open-air Car factory Car park it? The original can be so, up knowledge of the

If it Is a treasure owner of the Car, usually in order to park the Car, Will buy a parking garage. So Why are the open-air Car factory Car park it?

First of all, the problem Is economic constraints.

We know that the area occupied by a large Car. Cars are generally co-production, assembly out of the Car manufacturers in the last number Is a lot. If you want to find a place to park for these Cars, you need a large area of ​​warehouse space, in general such a factory rent Is very expensive, it Is very uneconomical for manufacturers of.

Next, a transportation problem. If the Car lined up in the factory, to be transported to another location when the operation Is very inconvenient. Not only to consider exporting the problem, not bump into other Cars. While outdoors, then on transportation Is more convenient.

At the same time, the open-air Car park, but also with the characterIstics of goods vehicles.

If it Is not man-made destruction, the Car Is very durable, even if the sun and rain, a short time Will not be affected. In general the new Car after leaving the factory, the Car manufacturer Will affix a protective film, thIs layer of film can protect the Car’s paint, as well as moIsture-proof effect. Also, open-air Car park of the time Will not be long, at a certain time would be withdrawn.