Why are electric vehicles so expensive?

can not just look at your electric Car costs, electric Car parts Is less than 1/5 of the traditional fuel vehicles, so even the higher cost of the battery, you Will not bring such a high price! After all of your current electric Car Is a mess, completely dIsproportionate production and consumption of lead! Due to low sales volume, enterprIses in order to quickly recover the cost of inputs, it Is necessary to set the price high, which Is Why the early years even with the high level of subsidies, price of electric Cars Is still very expensive!

By the end of 2019, new energy vehicles across the country reported production capacity of 12 million, while sales of only 1.2 million, such a huge excess capacity Is likely after the country stopped subsidies for new energy vehicles cause huge problems, in recent years the new energy concept too hot, manufacturers, small factories and even some rural workshops are put into the torrent of new energy development, but unfortunately so much strength in the country under the subsidy, the effect Is very low sales Is nothing less than tragic, and now the new thermal energy has gradually fade, when the total elimination of the subsidy until, that Is, these so-called “new energy” electric Car market in the collective exiting time!

and electric Cars more expensive for the simple reason, because the electric Automobile production capacity surplus serious, a huge number of extrusion, it Is not just the price because the electric Car Is not a regular commodity, it has a certain degree of particularity, low adaptability, which led to a very small size of consumer groups, close to the fixed, that Is to say, whether the price Is high or low, Willing to choose electric Cars just a handful of people, certainly not at thIs situation and then set the price low as a business, because prices Will not lead to sales, so the price does not make sense! Better to set high prices, you can hit a one!

so your electric Car Is that it can not like that take the traditional fuel vehicles amount, planned sales of great uncertainty, Mo Buzhun how many people who Will probably buy, the sales target at all without a trace, so in thIs case, manufacturers prefer to set the price the tall, rather earn $ 100 a few people, most people do not turn a dollar, the manufacturers themselves are not clear how many vehicles would be able to sell, the price Is set low, then sell less,It could not recover the cost, with the decrease of subsidy recent years, many companies are playing purely electric embarrassing. . Electric Car Is such a special, expensive maybe 100 people to buy; cheap assume that 10,000 people are still a buy that 100, because electric Cars are practical needs of the environment, for the congested city for electric vehicles owned by individuals but It Is a nuIsance to those who focus on managing shared economic model Is better, and live in the city tram to get pure really quite embarrassing (except villas)! So the reason Why your electric Car Is not high cost, but each electric Car prices are facing sluggIsh sales, want to quickly recover the costs and as a last resort! The face of unpredictable sales, the price can only set some high and rIsk aversion!