Why are car factory car parked in the open air, we buy a new car or what?

each Car manufacturers produced most of the new Car Will be parked in the parking uncovered reason, the Car almost feel the king Is nothing less than two: one Is cost, convenient transportation Is a ~


as vehicle manufacturers and reseller channel, the new Car Will be parked outside Is the best choice! Since the depot production line every month a few new Cars off the assembly line, we can not regard these Cars on the interior, once parked indoors selected, then the burden Will greatly increase business. Therefore, in order to save costs, Will be parked on the outdoor space Is the best choice.

easy to transport

parked in the open ground, the biggest advantage Is relatively easy to transport, whether it Is loading or unloading, on the outdoor ground, are relatively easy to operate; if it Is indoors, the operation Will be a lot of trouble, and out of the back and forth, It Will potentially reduce the operating efficiency of enterprIses.

Of course there are a lot of people would say: parked outside for so long, that we buy a new Car or what?

in the Car almost monarch point of view, the Car Is very durable goods, and now most of the new Car factory has a film, some parallel imports Car even done some coating; in addition, generally after the Car off the assembly line, sales from the company’s parking lot to the 4S shop, basically not more than three months, more than once that stock Cars, and thIs price Is not the same oh ~

sell how to do?

In fact, every Car manufacturer has a large number of unsold new vehicles, ultimately, stopped at the open-air Car park, forming a new Car “grave”! It Is no exaggeration to say that all children have the Car manufacturer’s dIstribution, There Will be such unsold new Cars parked in a large parking lot. And because of lack of maintenance, many Car shell slowly rust corrosion, the final destination can only be dIsassembled parts, recycled or metallic material.

for the new Car parked outside, how do you see it?