Why after the car fell into the water few people could escape, escape to master skills Is very important!

For many owners who now fear most Is an accident, because an accident Is a lot of overhead, although some Cars have full insurance, but do not want to have an accident occur, especially because trouble, so many people to be very Careful while driving to avoid accidents, but now so many Cars, traffic accidents appear more normal, in the accident, fear Is the vehicle fell into the water, because after the vehicle fell into the water, in the Car no people within the grasp of escape mortality rate Is very high, so Why a lot of people very few people would escape after the Car fell into the water, very important skill to master escape.

must not be too nervous when the vehicle fell into the water, to keep a clear mind in order to better self-help, vehicle fell into the water when you first turn on the lights, so people on shore to see you. In no time the water flooded the door, thIs time Is relatively easy to open the door of the points in time when the vehicle fell into the water, and the shore, like, thIs time to open the door quickly, do not stay in the Car, can not swim It found floating in the Car, or people who climb the roof shore for help.

In the water overflow water vehicle door, the Car starts at the foot of water when thIs time also can open the door, when the water level in the overflow of the seat, opened the door and there are places laborious, need only be forced open when the water level diffuse through the window glass of water pressure outside the Car Is very big thIs time, want to open the door Is already impossible because the front Is heavy, sinking Is the first front, thIs time to take the body to move to the back seat, and to find the weapon, smashing glass, and therefore also crucial weapon standing in broken glass of a vehicle.

After smashing the glass do not go out immediately, especially thIs time of emergency water, where there Is air in the Car Take a deep breath gentle flow out again through the smashed windows, the best against the side of the shore near smashed windows smashed at the time, so people better implementation shore rescue.

In sum must not panic when the vehicle fell into the water, keep your head cool Is essential, in fact,Once you master the correct vehicle fell into the water to escape skills rarely occurs in the case of casualties.