Why after cars and motorcycles flameout, ignition can be initiated by the cart?

case appears stalled Cars and motorcycles on the road, do not say everyone experienced, but the vast majority of people are seen before. And I believe many people have seen a phenomenon that Is stalled in the Car or motorcycle on the case itself could not beat the fire, there Will be people go sliding trolley Car or motorcycle ignition inferior race to start!

After the Car or motorcycle stalled, Why can ignite the Cart to start?

Cars and motorcycles same principle, when the battery power loss, starter failure, leading to not start when you can push the fire, but only manually files, such as some motorcycle DCT gearbox, Is not pushing the.

In fact, the principle Is very simple, starter gear after flameout, in fact, has been engaged with the flywheel, and not separated, the vehicle Is being driven, in the role thrust under Will be separated, so the Cart can fire, the driver in operation, the ignition Is switched foot clutch (clutch motorcycle pinch), the Car hung on a respective gear, second gear Is generally in the vehicle ,, when pushed away, after the speed up, lift the clutch fuel door on it, but must ensure that thIs time the electric battery, but also to meet the electricity needs of the high-voltage coil ignition.

Of course, thIs starting method to the case to be divided, for example, the front Is uphill, then another certainly push forward too much physical exertion, the Car has not run up, if pushed to the middle of the slope, insufficient power, the Car Is sliding down crushed people, how do? best turned the lane, in the opposite direction Carts, if it Is the first time novices, then do not compete in road vehicles and the road to do, so as not to look at the Car launch, you strain improper very susceptible to accidents. Road not suitable for Carts, it Is best not to push it, to find people to borrow the Car battery to launch it, or simply looking for a trailer.

If it Is a motorcycle, the Cart Is a skill, should generally advance third gear engaged, the clutch gripping the handle Is then propelled vehicle to a certain vehicle speed released the clutch handle can be startedMove, do not speed up again when the scratch file because thIs fight tooth prone to failure.