Why a manual transmIssion car gear and reverse gear Will often not hang? ThIs Is the original problem

must know opened manual transmIssion, a gear and reverse gear position other than generally difficult to hang. A traffic jam peak of the arms are down whole sour. So that in the end Is what causes it?

Why not hang into reverse gear?

First, it may be that you do not step on the clutch pedal in the end. ThIs case, you only need to re-fill step one foot clutch enough.

Second, if done step on the clutch, still Is not linked into, then there may be a toothed gear position just right on. Because many models are not equipped with reverse gear synchronizer, there Is always a chance at all when you hang reverse gear, just a bit of gear teeth of the two-bit Card does not go in reverse, it Is not linked into. The solution to thIs problem Is simple, block 1 block 2 block 3 …… just hang a gear, let gears a bit, and then linked to reverse gear on it.

internal structure of the manual transmIssion has a very important device, that Is, “Synchronizer.” Acting synchronizer Is quite obvious that when shifting gear Since the power output of the rotational speed Is faster than the immediately want to change the gear of the gear, without the synchronizer, the gear Is rotated in a slowly forced into a high speed gear rotation, certainly fight tooth phenomenon occurs. Acting synchronizer Is to occur at the shift operation, Will soon change into a gear speed of lifting gear and an output gear state to synchronous speed, so that there would not be played when the shift teeth phenomenon. You can easily hang into the file.

nor Why a file synchronizer, because, at the start, the Car Is stationary, as in reverse; and the variations reduced to a premium when the gear, synchronizer theoretically required, but for many manufacturers require cost, a speed synchronizer Is not provided. So the question difficult to hang a file Will appear.

suggest that you can be more benign switching speed of 2000 rpm of the gear, each gear position Is switched, preferably sequentially switched, for example, hang 1 block off until 2000 rpm, raIsed to block 2,3 Is then raIsed sequentially to most high speed, it Is best not to hang gear jump, so that each gear are to be running to. Similarly, the downshift Is the same in turn, keep the turn around in 2000.

Therefore, the conclusion Is, manual transmIssion, a shift in the ground as possible to be run-in period, as far as possible in the engine speed to maintain good power output range, and preferably about 2000 rpm .