White spots on the car windshield may have three substances, explained after the clean-up mode

1: vehicle Is traveling from collapse caused by white damage stones hit mark, but thIs would be very little white spots.

2: parking position where the atomized paint splashing onto the glass, shellac, or other substances guano broken wiper Is pressed uniformly dIstributed.

3: windshield wiper oxide layer exfoliation and rub, then evenly dIstributed at each position forward gear.

These white spots no matter what the material, in the sun are generally not particularly obvious, but Is easier to find at night when driving a vehicle. Because strong external light in the Car, the Car Will be observed from outside the Car Is to attract high-intensity objects while ignoring the pits out front on the block, it can be found unless it Is excessive or psychological cause has been found hints. Driving a vehicle at night external light Is too weak, and other light vehicles such as direct file before it Will result in the refraction of light, so these pits Will be even greater influence in the night.

Processing the white point in different ways

The first stone hits caused not need special white point tool repair, not affected if the proposed ignored or DIY treatment, it Is recommended that the impact Is too large to deal with changing professional Auto repair shop to replace the assembly. Small white spots can be repaired with a plastic package DIY, after cleaning the white spot area with a sucker bracket breakage white point location, the center point on the failure point; directly after filling the glue repair center hole, and with the handle glue filling into the center hole (dIspensing orifice). After ensuring the glue does not leak, the pressure by urging the glue stick Is gradually pressed into the white broken position, the process to be observed in the Car dIsappears white spots, glue penetration and initial fixed time in about 20 minutes.

Finally, the stent Is removed and the region labeled cured film should be Careful not to take the stent to repair gum outflow; posted good film after curing in the sun warmed to about half an hour, then cured film tear repair Is complete; the repair area as a significant projection, the lubrication water can be flat with a utility knife to cut off the repair area. ThIs Is the way the white point of repairing damage, the following second and third look restoration.

, and shellac guano oxide layer exfoliation caused by white spots easily repaired windshield Is first washed with water, followed by the uniform spray lotion Bo Youqing the front windscreen, when the wiper blade and pull spraying to try not to spray on both sides of the rubber strip. After spraying using a towel to wipe hard polIshed, shellac guano can be very effective cleaning, spray paint point also has a good effect in thIs way.

If the point of stubborn paint flaking or oxidation of these white spots remain, clean up the way and the difficulty Will be relatively large, but mainly physical consumption. Clean up the way for Bo Youqing lotion spray again, but side to side to clean spray; spraying after the white point with a piece of scrap plastic Card (membership Card or bank Card), the force level from top to bottom scraping SPRAY In thIs way you can clean out the stubborn white point and can not damage the Car glass. If you can not effectively clean up the hard Card, a last resort Is a cleaning agent with art blade, the cleaning effect Will not be dIsappointed; but to pay attention when using spray lubrication, but also pay attention to safety.

Clearance white spots on the front profile substantially as described above, as long as thIs Is a manual labor patience, interested friends DIY can try to deal with.

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