White car drove a long yellow? ThIs recipe Will be able to master the bright white, older drivers do not know!

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white Car drove a long yellow? ThIs recipe Will be able to master the bright white, older drivers do not know!

Now the people around us have already bought a lot of their Cars, when the purchase of Automobiles Will choose what color Car you want, in fact, Is also the color of each Car every kind of, I think we should choose the most Is the black and white these two Cars are very popular, and both Cars also color looks best looking. In fact, the white Car looks not only good-looking face, and in the night when traveling inside more vIsible, but also greatly reduce the accident rate. But the white Car in general are not dirt, which Is a lot of white owners of the biggest problems, we all know that white dress, white stuff some of it Is very easily contaminated with dirt, so that there are a lot of Cars when open white Car, not long Car becomes bright yellow not white, it Is a lot of Car owners are a very troublesome problem, in fact we can be the perfect solution to thIs problem according to thIs recipe oh come, today I want to talk It says that a white Car drove a long yellow? ThIs recipe Will be able to master the bright white, older drivers do not know!

In fact, the white Car looks very nice, but if the Car appeared some easy to yellow, or paint scratches can fix these problems Is to let Car owners very troublesome, after all, after the Car out of the wind and sun all year round in a certain period of time Will affect the paint, and the cycle may also face aging fade. Had bought a white Car but also to prepare some dirt ready, so that we must keep the frequency of Car wash, rain weather rains down you point the Car Will be exposed to the above, many drivers feel that thIs fact does not seem so dirty, do not wash. But in fact think so are wrong, because it contains large amounts of rain acidic substances, there Is a certain corrosive, if not cleared up, it Will corrode away the enamel paint, the surface of the Car after a long time Will lose their luster yellow.

If the vehicle Is slightly some slight yellowing, you can play again after washing polIshing wax, which IsYou can give birth to Prince, while avoiding aging, and some Automotive beauty shops are plated crystal thIs service, if there are some Car looks not quite believe, you can do a polIsh, clear out the yellow paint the paint plating crystal service, like thIs Car can instantly as new white light, the paint surface that Will form a protective layer of paint, oh good protection. There Is sun exposure for the white Car, the paint surface of the Car Is a big influence, such as many people in the park are very casual, whether or not the shade, and often put the Car parked in the sun exposure , it Will also accelerate the speed of the yellow paint.

Although for the owner of the Car, sunscreen Car Is not sloppy, we can put the Car parked outside in time, to put a Car or to the Car sun protection clothing sunscreen layer of paste film, but also the quality of the paint can be well protected. But there are some Car owners if parked under the trees, then there Will be a number of birds often defecate in the Car and some gum, and so these dirty things, if after a long time on top of the dirt Is very easy to paint hair yellow, and sound Is not easy, so here Is a small skills, we can use a common thing in the family Fengyoujing to clean.

it has a good cleaning effect, just put the wind spirits painted dirt, wipe it with a towel, it Is easy to remove out, and there Will be something left in the paint above Oh, there Will not be a trace. And if the softener after washing, then it Is possible to remove static electricity in the water softener Is poured into a glass, then stir with cleaner to scrub the body, thIs Is also not to allow the electrostatic sticky dust the Car, clean and does not water stains Will be left, it Is also very useful, so that we maintain the Car at the time of normal driving method Is very important, we must pay a lot of attention at the usual time, oh.