Whether novice or old driver of the 10 small-dIsplacement motorcycles are the best choice

CruIser: Honda Rebel 300 Rebel 500- and text Many motorcycles are the future of the transition vehicle. But if you just want to enjoy some good times it current? Small-dIsplacement scooter Is a pleasure and not necessarily the means to achieve the purpose. If you want to play in a circle among small Cars. Honda Rebel Is an attractive choice. Significantly higher than the middleweight cruIser light, it has a single-cylinder 300cc and 500cc twin-cylinder two options. Nor Is it purely retro, so you do not have to pretend you live in the 1960s. ThIs Is a good time very interesting motorcycle.

great fun Car: Honda Grom- in our cities, highways, within our own house, cross-country road, as well as any of us should not be the place to go, I have ridden them, but thIs Is Honda Grom unique place, the reason Why it appears in the text. It may be a seat height of only 30 inches scooter, but it has great joy. 2014 debut of the Honda Grom, 125cc air-cooled motorcycle, only one purpose Is for entertainment. It has been redesigned, but fun Is still the most important market recognition. Honda Grom Is the industry’s fastest, largest-selling one small point. Just a phone call to $ 3,399 to take home.

terrible two stroke: KTM 125 SX-‘re looking for a complete motorcycle experience? Although you can start with a 250cc four-stroke off-road vehicles, but many riders Will mIss two-stroke. In particular, their loyalty to a brand in mind: KTM. KTM 125 SX compact, lightweight, thIs Is the company’s two-stroke KTM entry model lineup, and now even includes EFI configuration. If you are looking for a lightweight of a sport utility vehicle, please do not hesitate.

Track Day entry vehicle: Yamaha YZF-R3- Yamaha YZF-R3 though not ultra-fast speed, but just for a play Car drivers, beautiful outsideConcept, excellent handling, YZF-R3 Is a favorite workplace and club racing. Equipped with a 37.4 horsepower, we call it “real entry-level sportbike.” In Liqui Moly teen Cup level MotoAmerica, the results at the podium occupy an absolutely dominant position, in order to achieve these racers expectations, to keep pace with larger dIsplacement bike. US $ 4,499, which Is a powerful entry-level Car. Bargain

ADV world, alternative all-rounder: Royal Enfield Himalayan-Royal Enfield Himalayan not particularly light, fast. However, it Is a comfortable, fully functional daily commuting motorcycle. If you are looking for an easy commute on scooters, Royal Enfield Himalayan very suitable. With 410cc air-cooled single-engine, chassIs, and the price of 4,499 dollars in HarrIs Performance design, Himalayan adventure Is a bargain in the small bike class.

Dakar entry vehicle: Honda CRF250L Rally- If your dream Is filled with large open gateway to the territory of Dakar Seoul brilliant on the road, we recommend that you start with step by step before starting to prepare a large dIsplacement of 450 or ADV adventure vehicle. However, you can still practice with the CRF250L. CRF250L Honda 250cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine using a weight of 155 kg, free of ABS. The real eye-catching, however, Is the rally fairing, providing motorcycle Dakar Rally preparation of the appearance and comfort for you. Pricing starts at $ 5,899, it Is an excellent choice for everyday commuting and mud training tools, while off-road adventures.

little villain: KTM Duke 390- street Car Is good or bad, hard to say. Most are occupied by street Car sales charts, it looks serious, but it Is arbitrary, but compared to a sports Car, but very comfortable. Small dIsplacement field Is full of competitive selection, but there are 390 Duke wildest. 373CC water-cooled single cylinder engine Is mounted, the weight of 136 kg, 44 hp output power. A very aggressive appearance, excellent performance. The most important thing Is, in supermoto model has a function, which makes the ABS brake failure on to help slide.

Followers: Yamaha WR250R- ThIs article has had a lot of street Car through the mud characterIstics. However, if you are looking for a real climb in the middle of the Car paved roads of the road on both sides of the soil, you should choose Yamaha WR250R. Equipped with a water-cooled 250cc single-cylinder engine Is proven, and WR has an extensive after-sales network, allowing Yamaha to become your favorite adventures superior performance Car. For those looking for something lighter than the 650cc option, it Is a good thing, and did not fall too much in terms of performance.

New Retro superstar: Husqvarna Svartpilen / Vitpilen 401-Husqvarna Svartpilen Vitpilen have much in common and that their frame , gearbox and 373cc water-cooled single-cylinder engine. However, Vitpilen Is a new retro café racer, and Svartpilen Is a street models can be fried on Sunday and Monday in the streets. Both models are mouth-watering, compared with the KTM 390 models, contacts and modeling have significant improvement. When purchasing a new motorcycle, because they look and light weight make a very attractive option. They are also a more expensive low-emIssion options, of $ 6,299 each.

entry vehicle skidding: Suzuki DR-Z400SM- 400cc single-cylinder engine and Is mounted liquid-cooled steel frame, which Is based on DR-Z400S from R & D, with the use of super road motorcycle tires and larger front brake dIscs. Excellent power transmIssion and relatively low seat height and weight make it an ideal choice for the first time into the pit.It has a very good ability and reliability.