When the rear can recline bed, thIs German MPV Is only 13 million cases, more practical than GL8

With the expansion of not less Car crowd, a lot of people for the requirements of the vehicle Is no longer limited to simple means of transport, space and comfort are also high demands, in these circumstances, a lot of brands for such people began to design a line with their tastes models. The Touran Is specifically designed for thIs population developed models. 150,000 Touran guidance currently priced at 130,000 from the terminal, the overall higher cost

Touran body size 4527 × 1829 × 1659mm, wheelbase 2791mm, There are three rows of seats the entire vehicle, the second and third row seats can recline, respectively, when the two rows of seats can reach the interior space 1875L. Strong overall performance, relatively good sense of design and detail, whether it Is portrayed waIst shape or details of the deal, it has brought Ashkenazi style.

In addition to the bright spots in space, Touran in many details have done a very intimate design, such as a vehicle fitted with a rear seats electrical charging of the 12V power supply, separate rear air conditioning, hidden water cup holder, etc., can be said nuanced consideration of some of your habits and some small tools might be used. Interior design continues the general public had a classic interior design, very fine details of the deal, single on interior design, GL8 more sophIsticated than the Touran.

In power, the total Touran 1.4T, 1.6L, 1.8T three engines with five-speed manual and seven-speed dual-clutch two gearbox, power performance Is relatively good, and the 1.4T engine low speed and high torque characterIstics make city driving relatively relaxed, and matching dual-clutch gearbox also became faster and more fuel-efficient, low-speed Is insufficient sense of frustration Is still there.

However, after the rear seats into the back room to get bigger, basically as a bed, not only to meet everyone Touran space and comfort requirements while in power but also to meet everyone’s desire for a strong power, dream about every holiday family riding Car to travel in the Car we can look at the way the scenery Is more beautiful picture, if the hand in abundant funds, select a Touran, thanPo Chun lot stronger