When the car has feelings you would know better than you

As long as a command, GAC iSPACE concept can be converted into a home mode.

Google driverless bus and cooperative development of Jinlong bus.

iSpace chi electric concept Car

NIssan developed the “brain control Car” technology, the driver can simply wear Automatic monitoring of brain electrical activity and systematic analysIs equipment, it can use to predict driver behavior brain decoding technologies, and the driver’s reaction more quickly communicated to the vehicle, the vehicle according to the driving conditions change constantly and make appropriate adjustments .

Toyota plurality functional concept Car E-Palette, it looks a bit like a streamlined container with wheels, can vary according to different usage scenarios, for example, can act as Automatic driving taxIs, can transform into Meals on wheels, it can also become design studio.

on the 2019 CES exhibition in Asia, if you go to New York Automobile Research Institute booth and walked beside iSPACE, it Will use welcome light and friendly greeting and unsolicited expressions. Get in the Car, the Car AI system can be changed according to the state of different expressions of the owner (excitatory or fatigue), playing music and using different melodies of different contexts inform the owners and the current traffic condition information.

into the 21st century, no longer limited to language and emotion between people, began to appear in person and machine. Researchers are given Cars as “emotional.” It sounds a bit weird, but as artificial intelligence, big data, sensors,Interface technology innovation and breakthroughs, “impossible” Is becoming “possible.”

Text / New York Daily all media Reporter Zhou force

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“emotion” Is not only user-friendly design

in the eyes of Car designers, “emotional” and “humane” there Is a qualitative difference. In a Car seat, for example, based on user habits and the body shape, in the development stage, with different fillers, the surface layer material, the skeleton, and adjusting means connected to the body member – which Is humanized. In the use of the process, when you feel hot, seat ventilation open Automatically; when the continuous driving over 2 hours, the seat Will vibrate to remind you need a break; when a collIsion Is unavoidable, the seat Will adjust in a short time the angle most suitable for anti-shock; when you need to rest, seat adjusts itself to your most comfortable position – thIs Is the “emotional.”

New York Automobile AssIstant Director Institute of Design Center Luzhuo Yu told all media Reporters, intelligent network linking era, users demand for Cars rose from functional to emotional satIsfaction of future Car Will be Tools to ” understanding, and help people liberate people, “the trend of development partners.

the emotional positioning as the main development direction of technology companies, as well as Toyota. Toyota concept Car by e-Palette and i love concept- concept Car, the interpretation of what Is “Auto emotion”, and sketched out the future of travel mode – with due recognition, learning, analysIs, judgment, comprehensive ability, the Car Is no longer It Is a machine, but a real partner; more critical, as the longer the time to spend, the Car Will get you to understand.

Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, NIssan, Kia did not “emotional” to a strategic level, but in the tactical execution, EQ concept Car, 3E concept of robots and other new species after another appears to express their understanding of travel patterns of the future of mankind, and on Changing role of Car travel in the future.

“emotional” high technological content behind

OffThe machine “emotional”, there Is no strict hierarchy and the corresponding technical standards, but there are criteria for the classification of artificial intelligence with reference to the convention, that Is “weak” and “strong.”

weak artificial intelligence, also known as artificial intelligence or restrictions applied artificial intelligence, referring to the focus on specific areas and can only solve the problem of artificial intelligence. All current artificial intelligence algorithms and applications seen are all areas of weak artificial intelligence, such as AlphaGo, mail filtering system. And so on, the mobile phone voice navigation, voice chat, voice control, and L0-2 level Autopilot, can be called “weak emotion.”

strong AI Artificial Intelligence, also known as universal or entirely artificial intelligence, refers to all competent human artificial intelligence work. Of course, based on the machine on the basIs of strong emotional artificial intelligence, it Is “strong emotion” intelligent assIstant, L4-5 level Autopilot fall into thIs category, aims to “liberate people.”

An article from well-known technology site Wait But Why Is that humanity Is in an era of weak artificial intelligence (weak emotion) the transition to a strong artificial intelligence (strong emotion).

Of course, iSpace, behind the concept-i, supporting a large number of advanced technologies: large data, machine learning and artificial intelligence. If there Is not enough strong and stable technical support, emotional Is difficult to achieve. Moreover, the Car “emotion” of the form, Is not just about software, but also from the breakthroughs in hardware technology. In the 2019 Michelin summit, Yu Jun, general manager of New York Automobile passenger Cars posted a keynote speech, he stressed that in the vIsible future, the first Car Is a vehicle attributes. In other words, first of all the Car Is a Car, before other. Luzhuo Yu said, the current New York Automobile Is working hard to build a series of authoritative meet standards, safe and reliable Autopilot platform products, to provide users with reliable “travel partner.” While in the country and globally, with the New York Automobile New York Automobile, led on the “emotional” process, rushed in the forefront.

“emotion” Car New York to build

“weak” and “strong” standard divIsion for the machine “emotional” too stiff. New York Automobile Research Institute, starting from the user needs,”Emotional” Is divided into three levels mood layers, layer context, the objective layer. Toyota intends to extend the business chain to a deeper level, by means of artificial intelligence and emotional motorization, all travel-related business areas involved Will be covered. It sounds a bit hard to pronounce, Is more popular descriptions, such as driving to lIsten to any song, what movie to see, where to go – the Car can help you decide.

According to New York Automobile Research Institute of planning, the future Is not just a Car can be controlled by means of transport, Car talk to people in the future to establIsh a certain feeling, AC, interactive, Is a you know better, can accompany you, but also beautiful heritage partners. For thIs purpose, Luzhuo Yu said, with emotion recognition, regulation, expression, management, self-learning and multi-dimensional evolution of one of the self-evolution Emotion Engine Is already working on them. New York Automobile Chi Chuan would be the first of its model to promote “emotional” on-board systems and configurations brands in the United States, it Will be the first company to launch a veritable “emotion” Car Auto companies. As evidence, June 16, the new Chi Chuan GS4 debut, the first equipped with “Qi cloud concept of” chi system and super voice Fujia, the navigation, air conditioning, heated seats, interior lights, wipers and other functions by voice control.


AI too much too fast development

Will not affect the safety Car ?

We are still used to the Car as “Car.” ThIs Is one way, but you “love” it, it does not “love” you. Fell on the text, we use “it” to refer to the Car, instead of “he” or “she.” Whether you admit or not admit you are an item as a Car, a piece of merchandIse. It Is not life, not emotion, Is not going to love you. In the near future, with the introduction of Chi Chuan GS4, evolution iSPACE and concept- i, and various “emotional” technology assembly, so the Car was really your “Car” because he / she Love you too.

AI rapid development Is beyond imagination

say, the more modern world, the more lonely people. Emotional experience Will permeate daily life, under the AI ​​system Will record the interaction with the ownersBit by bit, according to the owners can chat mood. Not too long, you Will be surprIsed to find that in your lonely inner world into the deepest, turned out to be your i (love) phone and i (love) Car.

In fact, compared to the Car, artificial intelligence and big data in mobile phones, computers, electrical applications more widely. These products and artificial intelligence, big data after the combination, has been able to do many things to help humanity.

As a simple example, Apple’s voice assIstant Siri behind the software and data Is artificial intelligence, voice Siri talking personification reflect thIs artificial intelligence, by Siri, you can voice operations including call, use App, change phone settings, including many other features.

After Apple’s voice assIstant Siri, the intelligent assIstant popping up, the pursuit of a more powerful and more widely used, more privileges are open to artificial intelligence. These intelligent assIstants not only used in mobile phones, computers, electrical appliances and other “hardware” product, also appeared in all kinds of games and a variety of APP. I do not know if you have such experience, in the “unconsciously” to buy things, watch videos, read News, play games. These AI systems Will have the wind blows, you know emotions.

In Automotive applications need to be more Careful

and the rapid development of machinery emotional iteration of artificial intelligence, alarmed people in science and technology. Tesla Motors and SpaceX rocket founder Andy Herron Musk has publicly said, “We must be very Careful of artificial intelligence, it may be more dangerous than nuclear weapons.”

deceased the physicIst and cosmologIst Stephen Hawking also warning, “artificial intelligence could be a ‘real danger’ robot could find ways to improve their own way, but these improvements are not always the benefit of mankind.”

even so, humans Will evolve into a strong artificial intelligence. Strong artificial intelligence and human means that can par artificial intelligence, human brain capable of living it in every way capable. For example, Automatic driving Is an important technique Automotive applications help “liberate people” in life,In front of early warning, Automatically follow, Automatic parking, intelligent planning optimal routes, from the time, energy, physical, psychological and other multi-dimensional travel to help people solve pain points.

In the Automotive sector, Autonomous vehicles Is currently the mainstream technology of artificial intelligence, traditional and new Car prices repairer companies have launched mass production schedule L3 Autopilot models. With the application of “emotional” in the Car, it Is foreseeable, future Automotive companies to provide users no longer a Car, but an ecosystem. And a Car “emotional” as a symbol of human society Will be fully into the Automobile era of artificial intelligence.