When driving the rear seats flat to sleep, it Will be fine points? Old driver reminded better not to do so

more and more people began to own a Car, thIs Is a very good thing. Improve U.S.’s per capita Car ownership rates have brought convenience for everyone, especially office workers usually work with many travel demand, adding the Car can make their daily life more convenient, for example, can no longer work normally crowded bus crowded subway, and the usual holiday vacation time, with the Car Is able to go traveling with the whole family.

To say the fire SUV models in recent years, not only to meet people’s travel needs, Is to make people’s everyday casual with more possibilities and options, like some large city ​​sports Car interior Is the pursuit of comfort and convenience, because on the road, due to prolonged driving passengers and the driver Will feel tired, so for these models, has a comfortable interior Is very key point.

but now more and more Cars began to focus on Car driving experience, a lot of people uncomfortable off the Car mostly Will not buy. Many people travel by Car on the road, the place Will also enjoy the convenience brought about by the comfort of the vehicle, which Is the most experience Is the Car’s back seat down to sleep.

Is now not only a large interior space SUV models, many Cars have thIs convenient feature Is the Car’s rear seats fully flat, then passengers He can lie like lying on a bed in the same manner on the back seat, while driving in the family home while enjoying the feeling. But some people put forward, if at the time of driving the rear seats fully flat, the traffic police Will come and deducted points you do?

A lot of people have such doubts, it Is actually very easy to understand, after all, and now the Car has such a function was modest, and Cars on the road, especially in the when the speed Will be asked to be more stringent, such as many places have a multi-passenger lanes, if people did not sit on the Car’s co-pilot, open up 6 points deduction should be fine, but on thIs point, a lot of people are not aware of.

but we can not worry, when the vehicle Is traveling, if you take the back seat of the Car flatDown, lying down to sleep on it, it Is absolutely not be caught traffic police and penalty points. Only traffic safety police jurIsdiction, and in our “Road Traffic Safety Law”, nor a lie to say that people can not sleep in the back of the Car driving the process. So people can be assured that if the internal space of your own Car Is very adequate, Automotive rear seats down to very convenient, Is completely lying in the back of the Car to sleep.

However, thIs fear Is not without reason, that Is, if the Car at high speeds, we’d better not lie in the middle of the back row of Cars with sleep. The first Is the safety problems, if the Car due to the violent shaking and bumps, so lay people Will be very suffers, which Is not the most secure way of relaxing, so the best advice Is do not lie when traveling in the Car after row.